Attempts to Recruit Victims
to be Perpetrators

February 21, 2004

Perpetrators DO sometimes attempt to recruit victims as perpetrators. This is usually done very slyly and cautiously, often never quite voicing outright that the victim is being asked to become a perp, but most cases do involve very strong hints. These attempts NEVER reveal the identity of the perpetrator group itself.

The perps sometimes speak to us face to face but more often one of the two "synthetic telepathy" modes are chosen: actual audible voice, or, strong but non-verbal synthetic telepathy.

For visitors who have difficulty believing synthetic telepathy is possible, you are invited to scan this 1975 article from the journal "American Psychologist", describing pulsed microwave "voice to skull" technology.

----- Email incident -------
I, Eleanor White, no longer have the email itself, but a fellow wrote
me on two subjects:

1.  He claimed to be a mind control victim and all he had to do was
    "change his politics" and support the George Bush (New World Order)
    regime and gosh, darn, his harassment just kind of stopped.

2.  He said he would like to take over the high cost ($90 per month)
    of my web site, funded at the time by other victims.

I responded that I considered George Bush a puppet of the New World
Order, and neither to stop my harassment nor get his financial support
was I going to change my opinion.  I further invited him to read my
Other Government Crimes page.

---- Face to face incident ------
Sueann Campbell had a face to face incident in which she had a strong
hint that if she would join the local perp group, her harassment might

Sueann had a friend who became a perp.  When Sueann asked her why, the ex-
friend stated she turned because trying to fight the perps was "so hopeless".

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Eleanor White
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 6:09 PM
Subject: [mcforums] Report of attempt to recruit victim

Hi -

I've been asked to keep the source confidential but I can report a recent
attempt was made to recruit a victim to become a perp.  Makes one wonder
if this is typical of the perps we see and have to deal with.

This fellow had been followed from job to job, and had had his attempts
to find new jobs interfered with.  Finally, the perps came right out and
tried to badger him to join, "because you love your family".

Hard to imagine how human beings can become so evil.  Much better to be a
victim and make it to Heaven, IMO.


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From:       Kelly Taylor
Date sent:  Tue, 17 Feb 2004 18:48:36 -0700
Subject:    Re: [mcforums] Report of attempt to recruit victim

Yes...I think this is typical. They have kinda told me the same thing. The
Perps also have said that they must put me through the test. I would never 
join and they also know this.

I also think that them saying I have a chance to be recruted is just a ploy
a put-on. they tell me I need to believe in what they do (but what is 
that? ) and also tell me to get away from some people I care about or do 
things at there comand. I am sure it's just a ploy  the perps trying to turn 
the Victim in another direction.

If he/she does what they want things will just get worse.  Also I have
never had them tell me Face to Face. (in person)


[Eleanor White commenting:  Many of our members have dialogues with the
perpetrators telepathically.  Sometimes it is audible voice, other times
it is more like natural, non-verbal telepathy, yet the messages received
are unmistakeably from outside sources.  For readers of this page who
do not believe synthetic telepathy is possible, please scan this 1975
article from the journal "American Psychologist".]

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From:       vicki miller
To:         Eleanor White
Subject:    RE: Report of attempt to recruit victim
Date sent:  Wed, 18 Feb 2004 01:51:45 +0000


This is something my perps tell me everyday "Please help us!" to which I
reply "Never". They also tell me to shut up everyday, and that's not going 
to happen either. I fight the remote viewing every day, because that's the 
reason they give me for being a taget. I think they do it to give the
victim false hope. Helping them won't save anything or anyone, IMO. I
believe we were given awareness for a reason, I know I was, for public
awareness. So it can be stopped, and prevented from happening again.

Vicki Miller

------- From 'Odyssey 4' ----------------

I was riding the subway in Toronto, and a man got on at one of the stops.
He sat in the seat right in front of me (it was one of the seats that are
turned sideways facing the center of the car - mine was facing front).  
He kept looking over at me and appeared to be very nervous.  I was becoming
concerned by his behavior, so I didn't acknowledge him at all.  (I felt it
was safer that way.)

He finally said, "I'm going to buy my wife an expensive present."

I thought, "Great, now get lost!"

He continued on, "I make a lot of money working for the people I do.  You
could make the same.  Would you like that?"

I was shocked!  I thought he was suggesting prostitution or something.  What
happened next swept that thought right out of my head. 

I was hit by so much energy that it made me gasp and double over.  (This
was not the first time that I had been attacked in the subway system of
Toronto - I could write horror stories on my experiences in that underground
transit system  - but it was the first time that I was approached by what I
believe was a recruiter).

The dose of full-body pain was probably their way of saying if you don't
take this offer, this is what you'll be receiving instead.   

I was fighting with every bit of my ability just to stay conscious.  I
noticed that the man wasn't the least bit concerned about the sudden
deterioration of my health (if I saw a woman bend over and gasp, I would
have inquired about her condition).  No one in my immediate vicinity seemed
to notice either.  It was strange and disturbing.

I mentally focused on the man which had a profound effect because he looked
shocked, jumped up, and ran out at the next subway stop.  The other people
around me left at the following stop, and I felt myself return to normal.