Russian Magazine Article

Translated by an anonymous translator
for Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse,
Cheryl Welsh, Director

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This bulletin refers to the English translation, which is below the
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This article was generously translated for free by an anonymous
victim.  The article is from:

Hidden Powers, Vol 13, 1998, 
a Russian magazine.  

Here is the aticle in Russian:

The article was written by Ivan, or Igor Tsarev, a journalist for
the Delovoi Mir, which means "Business World" in English.   Tserev
is also the author of an article on Russian mind control and on:

Emilia Cherkova, 
Delovoi Mir, pp. 1,9 Feb. 15, 1992
entitled, "Mind Control".   

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A Trap for Zombies 

A wave of rumors is breaking across the country about mysterious
bio-electronic weapons which easily make it possible to break down a
person, to subordinate him to ones own will. The author of these
lines was able to meet with not even a tenth of the people who claim
that they became victims of such psycho-terrorism. Their stories are
very similar and knowing one, it is not hard to imagine all the

In 1970 Nikolay Ivanovich Anisimov worked as a cab driver in
Novosibirsk and did not even so much as contemplate politics. But a
cunning devil once sat behind him in his taxi in the form of an
educated passenger. When he got out, he left behind 35 typewritten
copies of the "General Declaration of Human Rights."  Anisimov took
them and distributed the copies of the "Declaration" to students of
the Novosibirsk high schools --a serious offense at that time. And
then everything began to happen to Nikolay Ivanovich:  summonses to
and enlightening discussions at the KGB, then --forced treatment at
a psychiatric clinic, and when that did not not help... And here
begins the most mysterious part of this story. And so that you will
not dismiss it as the rantings of a delirious mind, let us make a
small digression. 

"MK-Ultra" -that was what the top-secret American program for
research on remote "zombification," was called.  In the time of its
duration , many people became its victims, including Martti Koski, a
Finnish emigrant who had settled in the Canadian city of Edmonton. At
first, he started hearing voices that seemed to be aimed directly at
his head, putting thoughts into his mind,  stifling with their
strange commands. It seemed to Koski that these influences were
originating from the apartment directly above him. Then Martti
completely lost control over his own body and senses and wound up in
a hospital. There he finally realized that he had become a victim of
a monstrous experiment whose aim was the control of human reason. 

In 1978 the Carter administration declared that the MK-Ultra program
had been terminated. In the previous 25 years in the USA,
experiments had been conducted on the manipulation of the brain with
the aid of ultrasonic and microwave radiations, along with the use
of computer technology. Whether this program was actually stopped or
when it really began is even more secret, so that today it is
impossible to answer this question. 

Anisimov, naturally, did not have even an inkling about Martti Koski
or about MK-Ultra. 

In the meantime, totally mysterious things began to happen to him. 

One day, when he was preparing to go to the labor department to
arrange for a job which he had lost during the time of his ordeal,
he received a mysterious phone call --an unknown voice with a
malicious warning:  "Do not go! It won't pay off. They won't give you
any work!" 

Obstinate, Anisimov only smacked his lips - how many times had he
already listened to such threats! But when he was preparing to leave
his home, his brand new shoes began to fall apart. They cracked and
were torn at the seams. Directly behind him, he heard a ruckus
--chairs were overturned and toppled over. A glass of water which
was at the center of the table slid to the edge, hung for an instant
and then crashed to the floor. 

Not paying attention the the overturned furniture, Anisimov got
another pair of shoes. But when he went to put them on he could not.
His toes suddenly turned straight upward as if they were induced
into spasms. And he could not straighten them, no matter how hard he
tried. His toes would stiffen each time he tried to put the shoes
on. The brand new kapron shoes were torn as if they had rotted. The
lock on the door was jammed. An unknown force, interfering with his
leaving the apartment, knocked him over with spring-like blows. And
when he had grown weak and Anisimov laid down on the bed, in his head
some loud bellow and an opposite squeaky voice kept repeating like
robots: "Schizophrenic! Schizophrenic!" 

Could it be in fact that he had developed a "tired brain?" 

"Well, not yet," says Nikolay Ivanovich. " I realized perfectly that
this was in no way any mental dysfunction and the doctors from the
International Center of Psychiatry confirmed later that I am
completely healthy. I have already figured out that they irradiated
me with the aid of some sort of electronic devices. The consequences
of having been "processed" began to have an effect after a few days:
I have grown so thin that my clothes hang loosely on me. My sight
has noticably weakened; I have continuously induced muscle spasms
-and cold sweats alternating with an intolerable fever. I'm tired
from constant vomiting. I am losing my hair and some teeth. An ulcer
has appeared in my breast. And blood flows from my ears and nose.
And two voices are lodged in my head: a man's voice and a female's
voice. They laughed: " Remember, we are watching your every move as
if you were in the palm of our hand. Your eyes are a source of
information  -a movie camera! Do not get it into your head to do
anything without permission!" 

"When I felt myself completely bad and tried to call for help, the
phone stopped working. When I tried to leave my apartment, something
was constantly preventing me from doing so, was impairing my memory
so that I could not find clothes; if already at the door, I'd
suddenly start vomiting uncontrollably. And the unseen beings
scoffed: "Psycho! Don't fuss. Think of the future. In the
psychiatric ward and in the next world you'll always have time!" 

"In a word, life has been transformed into a living hell. I have
ceased being oriented to time, and have stopped distinguishing day
from night. 

My mother, upon seeing my condition, could not control herself and
she called the doctors. So I again ended up in the psychiatric ward.
After forty days, by the time they discharged me, I already could
hardly even move. But the internal voices didn't stop: "That was not
the last psychiatric ward [you'll be in]. Soon you will not be able
to tell an elephant from a watermelon!" 

As far as whether Nikolay Ivanovich's story corresponds to reality,
that we cannot judge. But the fact of the matter is that Anisimov is
not alone in his problems. Emilia Chirkova from Zelenograd has
collected several thousand letters from the same type of victims of
these unknown psy-weapons, and their stories are as alike as twins. 

In the opinion of Chirkova, one problem is that these people cannot
find protection anywhere. [The center for epidemiology] refused to
check their apartments for high levels of electro-magnetic,
high-frequency fields. They say they do not have the appropriate
devices for this. In that case, it is necessary to turn to other
similar agencies, that and to look into other types of agencies. It
is especially surprising, that when one well known and high-ranking
Kremlin official had complained that it is not safe in his apartment
with electro-magnetic fields, that no one has made him out to be a
lunatic. Moreover, devices were also found that showed a level of
intensity at 10-12 times above the normal background level. New
apartments were also found... 

Victims of these unknown bio-electronic weapons (and it may be that
is is simply a natural phenomenon) are now united -they have also
found devices with the help of which it is possible to measure
electro-fields in apartments. Inspections have revealed that the
intensities of the fields in these apartments are indeed higher than
the norm. Textbooks on advice as to methods of protection from such
influences have been written. Here are several of excerpts: 

Constant interference in radio-receivers and televisions confirm
that somewhere close by sources of electro-magnetic radiation are

SUCCESSES ARE DECOYS.  Even if genuine electromagnetic signals are 
present, they are not the primary carrier.  The primary carrier 
signals can penetrate shielding and behave in the same manner as 
ESP, though they come from equipment:]

If the intensity of a a high-frequency field is high, a neon bulb
should flash --if you quickly take it out into the open air.
Protection from the directed beams of high-frequency radiation can be
afforded by any metal screen: a foil made up of several layers, a
frying pan, a simple saucepan which has been placed over on ones
head. Some victims insert a thin metal mesh into mattresses and
blankets. And still these people suggest the creation of a commission
which will unequivocally answer who or what is needed for these
unknown influences. Letters were sent in the majority of the cases.
But the answer at this time is not present. It is probably on the

Igor Tsarev