Organized Stalking? You Decide.

September 27, 2004

In David Lawson's landmark book, Terrorist Stalking in America, the author makes a point that some of the most "valuable" members of networked stalking groups are work crews who can make the life of a chosen target of organized stalking miserable. For unaware visitors, organized stalking targets are people chosen for never-ending harassment, in which the harassment is carefully engineered to look exactly like "normal breaks of life". The difference is that for a chosen organized stalking target, "normal breaks" happen every day, sometimes several times a day (as opposed to monthly or yearly, as with genuinely random "breaks.")

The organized stalking targets overwhelmingly have no criminal records, yet common lies are told about them to motivate group members, such as the target is a prostitute, is a drug dealer, or is a pedophile, or is "under investigation" where the "investigation" never ends.

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The photo above was taken September 27, 2004, and shows two workers jackhammering concrete outside an apartment building. What is unusual is that on that date, this jackhammering project was entering the EIGHTH WEEK. The eighth week of severe noise for the tenants, dust, dirt, and the inescapable carbon monoxide wafting up from the compressor which had been observed running even when no hammering was in progress.

Do you, visitor, believe that a 50-foot-square patch of concrete needs EIGHT WEEKS of jackhammering? IF (and this is doubtful) the one or two man crew needed eight weeks to accomplish this repair job, would it not have been possible to bring in more workers to do it in a much shorter time? Eight weeks' wages and carrying charges on the equipment certainly could have bought more labour, no?

Do you think if this same patch of concrete were part of a busy road, it would still take eight weeks?

Now a hallmark of organized stalking harassment is that some of the skits, though done for the "benefit" of one target, can also disrupt the lives of many people. Because all skits are designed to look like "normal breaks", the people other than the target don't have recourse, and the stalking groups don't care, since they are above prosecution, and lack consciences anyway.

With this particular apartment building, there is a history of organized stalking activity, reported by one of our members who lived there for two years. Endless noise attacks, midnight use of barbecue on the balcony under the target's apartment, and frequent cigarette smoke forced through openings into the target's apartment. The super's son was moved into the apartment next to the target, and immediately began blasting the target with loud music. Complaints to the super made no difference.

Finally a complaint to the property manager resulted in the son being moved off the floor, and immediately "renovations", always making the maximum noise and always carried on at night, began and continued until the target moved out. The property manager had her pay and hours cut in half immediately after she moved the son off the floor. Other tenants cautioned the target about criticizing the son's activites.

So, visitor - in light of the history of this occurrence, do you feel this is an organized stalking incident?