EEG-GSR Experiment Progress

as of February 7, 2001

This document contains emails on the subject of sensing of biological effects of psycho-electronic attacks

This page is to record experiments with both EEG (electro-encephalogram) and GSR (galvanic skin response) equipment. My purpose in these experiments is to find a way of detecting the *EFFECTS* of the classified psycho-electronic equipment, rather than the undetectable signals themselves. By using an INDEPENDENT biological entity, such as a plant as a "sympathetic" (linked by a form of ESP) detector, it may be possible to prove that harassment is taking place without having to prove the advanced signal type(s).

SUMMARY TO DATE: I'm pleased to announce that, while the results may be decoys, as of January 14, 2001 I seem to be able to hear bursts of clicks and static corresponding with perp prevention of my falling asleep. The value as evidence is still there EVEN AS DECOYS, because there is no way the decoy bursts could be perfectly, and without exception synchronized with my falling-asleep process unless I was being minutely monitored from a distance.

The following day, January 15, 2001, there were ZERO EEG hits. The perps changed to tone triggered stay-awake programming. This shows how difficult it is to obtain evidence when the perps have equipment which does not use conventional electromagnetic signals. Work continues as ideas come to light.

The measuring equipment. I'm using to date is shown as the last item on this page.

What this implies to me is that an inexpensive way to get plant (and/or body) detectors into the hands of a number of victims is probably the only way to get out from under this flatlining by my Hamilton, Ontario perps. Toward that end, there are two future projects underway (my project is not a rush project but will continue as time permits):

This document will continue to be updated with progress notes, however, the sensitivities required for this work will make it difficult and we are unlikely to have results quickly. Meanwhile, the measuring equipment is described below for those who would like to try to experiment on their own. Please understand that success is not guaranteed, and that the perps are always vigilant when we experiment.


See audsens.htm for my efforts to equip other members of our group 
with audio sensing capability for detection of disturbances to our bodies, 
house plants, and possibly pets during psycho-electronic attacks.


In General:

In general, former U.S. Navy bio-electromagnetic researcher Dr.
Eldon Byrd reported that he has done plant response experiments and
that he "has never had a plant response experiment fail."

I have also found that the plants' "EEG" traces are a bit higher in
terms of voltage than my own.  This causes problems with sensitive
equipment like EEG units because the overloading makes it
impossible to detect quiet periods vs. very active periods.

To counteract this, I found that a 1-megohm potentiometer attached
to terminals from which a pair of leaf electrodes were connected
and at a setting of roughly 40 K shunted across the leaf, a reasonable
distinction of activity vs. quiet could be made.  The fine tuning on 
an EEG unit is "Threshold microvolts", that is, you set the microvolt
level ABOVE which the unit will "click" or "warble" is used to separate
quiet periods from active periods.

Use of shielded cable (microphone cable) between the EEG unit and
the electrode terminals at the flower pot eliminates most of the 
perp static caused by my local ELF signal.

plantrod.gif Plant Leaf Electrode
stemtrod.gif Plant Stem Electrode

Plant electrodes, per recommendation of Dr. Eldon Byrd, are
"squares of aluminum" attached via "weak hair clamps".  Dr. Byrd
recommends no electrode paste of K-Y jelly to prevent infusion of
ions (chemicals in solution) into the leaf interior.  I've found
after a couple of weeks that K-Y jelly does not seem to visibly
harm the leaf.

I also REMOVE the electrodes as soon as my readings, which may be as
long as overnight, are finished for a session, to avoid damaging the

GSR units push a small amount of current hence the GSR is more likely
to stress the plant than the EEG unit, which draws virtuall no current.

January  8, 2001:

Completed design and testing of a low-cost, easy-to-build add on
gadget which increases the sensitivity and reduces the current used
by the GSR (galvanic skin response) unit.  It does not "turn the GSR
into an EEG, but it does help if an experimenter wants to do testing
over time.

LISTENING CLOSELY FOR TONE VARIATIONS.  When a sensitive device is in
use, the magnetic fields in your body and other large objects can 
cause warbling which is not from the plant (or body part) being 

gsrsens1.gif 5X Sensitivity add-on

Chronology of Experiments:

Measuring equipment specs


Date sent:        Sun, 10 Dec 2000 01:40:13

Hi -

Today/tonight was my first 24 hours with my new GSR or galvanic
skin response unit.  This unit is the cheaper of the two (EEG being
way more expensive) and is essentially an ohm meter, with the meter
scale replaced with a varying tone.

The first thing I learned was:  Either I am dead, or, plants have
one hell of a more interesting life than I do.

This unit is very similar in size and shape to a PC mouse.  In
place of the two buttons are two shallow, lightly concave grooves,
for your fingers.

This unit has an elastic strap which helps keep a constant pressure
between your fingers and the chrome or stainless electrodes.

It is difficult to generate a whole lot of emotions when you are
standing a 12-hour watch in an empty school, and there will have to
be quite a bit of familiarization and experimentation before
anything of use to our war effort comes out of this.  (The used
2-channel EEG unit is waiting for a manual before I even think of
touching that unit.)

The first order of business is to make up some electrode extension
cables for me and my plant.

By "I am dead", I mean that, in that emotionally sterile
environment, my tone varied very slowly.  No blips or chirps, and
not much in the way of fast changes.  I did get one fairly rapid
rise in tone when I saw a really funny cartoon in the paper.

This school has several types of plants in the hallways.

When I pressed the upper side of a leaf, the flatter side, against
the electrodes with my fingers behind (and therefore not really
part of the circuit) I heard all sorts of warbles and chirps.
That's when I surmised the plants were having more fun than I was.

But that very preliminary result is VERY promising.  Electrodes, as
bio-electronic researchers hint in their papers, are a real pain.
The problem is that the chemistry at the contact surface usually
degrades, that is, makes for higher resistance, with time.  This is
true for heart pacemakers, for example.

(If metals which give up their ions easily, like copper, are used,
the living material can be invaded by metallic ions which can cause

By the way, leaves which are naturally more moist do better - no
surprise.  If you are ever making similar tests with a drier,
waxier leaf, breathe on it a bit to moisten the surface and you
will have your contact.

I'm hoping aluminum is selfish enough with its ions that foil
electrodes, moistened with K-Y jelly, will give enough time for
meaningful results.)

I also placed the unit against my cheek and the back of my neck.
Big difference!  Being closer to nerves I would guess, I heard some
of the same type of chirping as with the plants.

The nice thing about this mouse-sized unit is that you can take it
with you.  It is on all the time - but doesn't produce sound until
it senses something across the electrodes.  The instruction book
says battery (9 volt) varies with use, but you can expect 6 months
to 2 years on one battery.

It is not loud, but loud enough.  For privacy the unit comes with
monaural bud-style head phones.   It requires some experimenting
with the "tuning" knob to get into the audible frequency range.

Sueann Campbell suggested there are plants whose LEAVES will live
for a very long time detached from the plant.

Since the REAL evidentiary value of any gadget like a GSR or EEG is
when ANOTHER living thing, not yourself, is affected by the
harassment signals you feel.

So this mouse-sized gadget, hooked to a long-lived leaf could be a
tidy little portable evidence gatherer.

I'll have to read "Secret Life of Plants" more carefully, but I
believe Cleve Backster, the original polygraph expert who started
plant monitoring in 1966, got results from fruit as well.


Before reading beyond this point let me caution you that this
gadget and all the other stuff in the 106-page catalogue I
purchased from are >>> IDEAL <<< perp decoy items.  Perps would
just LOVE to see us all invest in all kinds of biofeedback and
pop-science items.  They will CERTAINLY do at least SOME decoy
successes to cause us to blow our wad on useless junk.  I've been
stung, so has Cheryl, and so have others.

I'm NOT recommending this item for immediate purchase - unless you
have the price "to burn."

There has to be quite a bit of tinkering before I have any clear
idea whether this purchase is useful or not.

Having given that warning, I'll tell you about this unit and some
other things in the catalogue which MIGHT be useful.  (Personally,
I'd give odds at least 90% of the stuff in the catalogue is snake


The vendor is a relative of "Tools for Exploration" called "Tools
For Wellness" and their web site is at:

The unit I'm experimenting with is the:

#BG101 - Basic GSR2 Biofeedback System

The price is $59.95 US dollars.

Here are some other items which MIGHT be useful, and as you read,
keep in mind the perps may make such items appear to work better
than they actually can:

#72076 Magnetic Pulser  $299.95 US This is apparently a lower
powered version of that new "magnetic shock treatment" thing some
shrinks are [mercifully] using in place of ECT.  It has a box, and
a cord-connected "hand paddle" which contains the actual magnetic
coil. (You won't want this one if you have a pacemaker or a history
of epilepsy!)

#72033 Magnetic field "sleep enhancer"   $159.95 Similar to the
pulser above except the paddle is wide and flat to fit under your
pillow.  This is straight brain rhythm entrainment to the
sleep-enhancing lower frequencies.  A home made gadget DID WORK for
me, but the perps smoked it after 5 minutes.

#LF002 Full spectrum 48" fluorescent tubes $12.50 US

#LS203 Full spectrum standard screw base   $39.95
       light bulb, 75 watt, 10,000 hour
       (lasts about as long as a dozen
       regular bulbs, and 39.95/12
       is about $3.33 for each bulb it 

#SL001 Subliminal Message Encoder, 90-sec  $499.95
...or at least the description seems to point
to use of the same technology - I'll bet it is.
This is probably the gadget we heard a rumour
about being available through that hypnotists'

(Not a bad markup on that Lowery device, eh?)


Measuring equipment specs

Date sent:        Sun, 10 Dec 2000 14:00:58

After the first night, testing the PC mouse-like galvanic skin
response unit, I got two NEGATIVE results.

1.  I inserted the "mouse" into the ace bandage
    collar I wear to keep the perps from moving
    my jaw as I rest.  The electrodes were pressed
    against my neck, just above the shoulder,
    and just below the ear.

    As with the quicker experiments while on my
    job site, I got the chirping sounds.

    One thing I noticed was that the chirps are
    always accompanied by a RISE in the average
    frequency.  Well a RISE in frequency indicates
    a LOWERING of electrical resistance.  This
    probably means that the chirps are not any
    unusual nervous system activity, but rather,
    local spots on my skin "opening up new
    channels" for the current from the 9 volt

    The chirps stopped after a few minutes, and
    the tone didn't vary at all for 4 or 5 hours.
    There were no bursts of small electric shocks,
    hot needles in the flesh, or body limb forced

    When I did get up to use the bathroom, only
    at the point where I physically rose from the
    cot did the tone move up substantially.

    So, I still don't have any idea if the GSR's tone
    would change during perp attacks.  I removed
    the unit at that point for the following reason.

2.  When I examined the skin on the side of my 
    neck, I discovered the chrome electrodes had
    left two dark, scar-like stripes.

    This was not unexpected.  I had a similar result
    years ago when I built what was called then the
    "Russian Electrosleep Machine".  That unit is
    two 9-volt batteries in series, and outputs pulses
    into various points on the scalp.  It did NOT do
    anything to help me sleep.  It DID produce a
    nifty "scalp massage" feeling.

    That unit too left these marks.

    The oscilloscope experiment showed that there is
    varying voltage for an EEG unit to sense and convert
    to an audible tone.

    I doubt if a plant would enjoy the current any more
    than my skin.

    The ORIGINAL, Cleve Backster polygraph used
    the GSR (ohm meter, with current) method and that
    is why I felt it was important to try this.

    ***  FINGERS ARE OK.  So there may be some
    use in carrying or resting with this unit during perp
    attacks.  I will let  you know.


Measuring equipment specs

Date sent:        Sun, 10 Dec 2000 15:51:46

Hi -

THOUGHT:  Both the GSR unit and the EEG unit are amplifiers.  As
such, both of them should, with appropriate settings, GIVE AN AUDIO

From previous experiments, I found that a coil wrapped through edge
slots on a sturdy wood or two-ply piece of corrugated cardboard 24"
x 24" or LARGER will give you a view on a scope of the ELF signal
(sawtooth waveform) which has followed me through three apts.

You can view that waveform at:   (no "e's")

The large, air core coils seem to let the 60 Hz power line
frequencies floating around every household cancel out and  not
distort what is being picked up too badly.

probably need that 1/2 megohm series resistor, but will be far less
sensitive than the EEG unit.

I urge anyone who doesn't understand the above attenuation and
series resistance paragraph have a local technician CONTACT ME
before connecting any pickup coils to expensive gadgets.  I can
explain in terms the technician can understand what it is I'm
saying there.

Measuring equipment specs

Date sent:        Sun, 10 Dec 2000 17:33:49

Hi -

Even though my Cyclamen bulb plant is slipping into its "rest
phase", meaning the stems and leaves are drooping very low over the
side of the pot, "Theresa" has enough life that the same low
frequency average, but WITH THE WARBLE activity I reported using an
ohm-meter and oscilloscope a while back.  This is using the
healthiest, largest leaf, this time through the GSR unit instead of
my ohm meter and scope.  That is hopeful but not conclusive.

The electrodes are several folds of aluminum foil, to an area of
3/4" long by 3/8" wide.

This is folded over to make a 3/8" x 3/8" top-and-bottom of leaf
contact.  #30 wire wrap wire is poked thru the fold and twisted
tight with needle nose pliers.  This #30 wire is necessary to avoid
pulling on the leaf.

The #30 wire is soldered to a refrigerator food dish under the pot,
two terminals.  The foil around the pot is connected to the
negative electrode of the GSR unit to minimize 60 Hz interference,
and that seems to be working well.

The electrode leads have two alligator clips at the refrigerator
dish terminal end.

Inside each electrode is K-Y jelly.  

The electrodes are folded over the right and left edges of the
biggest leaf, and held gently in place with two of those little
plastic time- setting clips from those hardware store "time
switches" for home use.

The half-megohm resistor is used to minimize the current through
the leaf.

The questions now are:

1.  How long will the elctrodes remain in good
    enough contact?

2.  Will the plant do what oysters do, and build
    a protective shield (a "pearl") around the 
    electrodes to isolate them?

3.  Will this plant entering rest phase provide
    enough flutters to tell us if it reacts when the
    perps zap me hard?

Letcha all know.


Measuring equipment specs

Date sent:        Tue, 12 Dec 2000 05:30:12

Yesterday I had about 8 free hours between guard assignments.
After doing errands, I took a two-hour rest.  During that rest, my
plant was four feet from the head of my cot, in its usual place in
front of a balcony door with a full-length window, for light.

No particular activity was heard with the GSR unit, plant 4 feet
from the cot.

I tried moving the plant, which sits on a banker's box, right next
to my head, a distance of about one foot.  For about an hour, I was
delighted to hear a change in the GSR tone pattern.

About half the time, the warbles actually tracked my HEARTBEAT.
There was no physical contact with me or the cot.

(These "warbles" are "steady state", meaning they are not the
"chirps" which result at initial contact with a living entity, leaf
or skin, and indicate the opening up of new, successive, low
resistance paths.  Such "opening up chirps" are not significant in
indicating emotional state.)

After the rest, I got up and made supper and did other chores.
When I retired for the night, I again brought the plant close by
the cot.

This time, the tone was strictly "flatline", that is, no warbling
at all.  Furthermore, in spite of fresh K-Y jelly being applied to
the electrodes, and changing to a leaf which hadn't yet been
tapped, the tone was also reduced in volume, and kept drifting off
scale (inaudible) in the direction of higher resistance.  VERY
different from daytime when normal "chatter" is heard, with nominal
frequency remaining stable.

I had less than normal harassment overnight, and the small electric
shocks, remote manipu- lation of body parts, and wrenching of walls
produced *NO* warble whatsoever.

** BUT:  The MOMENT the alarm clocks went off, the plant
IMMEDIATELY returned to NORMAL, with a normal amount of warbling,
and loud, clear and stable nominal frequency.

This IS EVIDENCE, though not usable in court.  It does show the
unmistakeable intervention by the perps.  Apparently the fact that
the plant could echo my heartbeat worries them.

Now this GSR unit, being tested because of its low cost, is not
particularly sensitive.

In "Secret Life of Plants", which among other experimenters
describes Cleve Backster's original experiments, these points are

1.  The "ohm meter" style of resistance 
    measuring, of which the GSR is an example,
    is NOT the most sensitive.  Backster was
    able to get companies to provide him EEG
    type units, which according to Backster 
    were "ten times as sensitive" to plant activity.

    I do have a used EEG unit here, but am
    stuck waiting for the manual before I can
    begin experimenting with it.

    The main thing about the "mouse style" 
    GSR unit is (a) it's cheap, and (b) it's 
    very portable.  Thus the potential for
    others to repeat the experiments.

2.  A professor assigned three groups of students
    to try to duplicate Backster's results.  They
    could NOT, even though the professor showed
    the students he COULD.

    Therefore, there is apparently some need for
    a personality plants "like".  My hope is that
    the echoing of my heartbeat indicates I am
    "liked" enough that the plant will let me hear
    it's "secret electrical life".  The daytime warbling
    and previous ohm-meter and oscilloscope tests
    seem to indicate that.

    (One Canadian scientist who visited Backster's
    lab got nothing but "flatline" results on all of
    Backster's plants.  When asked if he mistreated
    plants, he replied that yes, when he finished
    his experiments, he would put his plants into
    an oven and cremate them to obtain their
    "dry weight".

    When this prof departed, about 20 minutes
    later, Backster's plants resumed "talking".)

So ... more to do and try.

Just for fun, I wound three 4-inch diameter COUNTER WOUND coils,
fastened them into a 3-coil orthogonal "sphere" arrangement, hooked
them in series, and connected them via a 470K resistor to the GSR
unit.  COUNTER WOUND coils (equal number of turns carrying current
in opposite directions to cancel out all normal electromagnetic
field pickup) are alleged to pick up "scalar" signals.

Shortly after walking away from the GSR unit connected to these
coils, I got one wild flurry of activity, then flatline.

My perps have always had a very rigid protocol when they either
introduce a new form of harassment, or, disable any of my detection
attempts:  They give me one or two REALLY WILD burst(s) of activity
then either nothing (detection attempts) or
low-but-I-know-the-effects-are-from-them harassment for months or
years thereafter.

Therefore, it is clear the wild burst of GSR activity followed by
flatline was perp protocol.


Measuring equipment specs

Date sent:        Wed, 10 Jan 2001 09:01:15 +0000
Subject:          First synch'd harassment-with-EEG !

Hi -

I'm quietly conducting electronic experiments without much fanfare
on the email circuit with the goal of detecting harassment effects.
Be assured those experiments are continuing and will continue as
ideas become available.

DIFFERENT FROM DETECTING SIGNALS, my experiments look for effects
that happen indirectly as a result of the harassment having been
dumped into my body, out of that undetectable classified "pipe".

The best I can come up with is for a living plant to sense my
distress and show it on an EEG or GSR device.  That has not
happened, and from where I sit, it appears that the perps are
flatlining either the plant, the equipment, or both.

(I have succeeded, however, in coming up with a simple circuit that
makes the "PC mouse style" galvanic skin
response (GSR) unit 5 times more sensitive (i.e. drawing less
current) and that BG101 unit ($59.95 US) can be augmented with the
circuit shown at:  (that's a one) )

>> But the news is:  Last night, I may have got the first
SYNCHRONIZED harassment effects picked up on my more sensitive EEG

The EEG unit has two advantages, even though it is expensive (used,
cost me $500 US):

- very sensitive, down to 1/2 of a MICROvolt
- FILTERED.  This gets rid of extraneous signals
  that mask what you are looking for in a simple
  high-gain amplifier

So last night, I set the unit to 2 Hertz, which forces only signals
in the "brain rhythm" range to trigger the unit's "geiger counter
like" clicks.  (2 Hertz actually covers just above zero up thru
about 4 Hertz.)

I connected it to a large section conventional pickup coil, 24" x
30", 12 turns, positioned on the floor under the head of my cot.

On a usual night, the perps rotate among several choices of ways to
keep popping me wide awake each time I slip towards falling asleep,
with perfect timing.  They use such methods as rattling objects,
snapping the walls and doors by remote manipulation, short "voice"
to skull door knocks, phone ringing, pager beeping (I no longer
have one so they have stopped that one), drilling into masonry
directly below  my bed, body limb flailing (both
muscles-participating and NON- muscles-participating), shaking the
cot, and so forth.

One all-time favourite has been "electronic caffeine", meaning,
some sort of signal that affects me as if I'd been
mainline-injected with caffeine.  It is a powerful one and when
they first introduced it a few years ago, one shot of this stuff
could keep me wide awake all night.

Last night, they chose electronic caffeine at the first
falling-asleep instance, and the last one, with other methods used
in between.

Well, the EEG machine picked up "geiger counter clicking" on BOTH
occasions, which was SYNCHRONIZED with the shot of electronic
"caffeine".  Furthermore, for about two minutes afterward, bursts
of geiger clicks showed up about every 1-1/2 second, then ceased.
At that point I was really wide awake.

Since the EEG unit was on maximum sensitivity - 1/2 MICROvolt, and
since I was perfectly still, I'm betting that this was my own
body's reaction being sensed by the pickup coil under my head and
upper torso.


What I DO recommend, however, is to think seriously about an AUDIO
OUTPUT for your various "Tri Field Meters" and similar equipment.

Anything you have to WATCH is not too useful for observations OVER

Ideally, you would have an extension to your tri-field meter that
drove a high-impedance amplifier connected to a TONE OSCILLATOR, in
which the bottom of the meter movement scale put out a low
frequency tone, and the top, a high frequency tone.

That way, you could observe yourself and your electromagnetic
environment all night with your eyes shut.

The $59.95 BG101 GSR unit is such a device, but even with my
../gsrsens1.gif circuit added, it is FAR from as sensitive as an
EEG device.  I would guess that the Tri- Field meters are closer to
the EEG in sensitivity.

TRI-FIELD METER, please get me the MANUFACTURER's name and country,
and I will correspond with them about how to connect such an

* REMEMBER:  I'm not talking about direct detection of harassment
signals, but rather, independent detection of the electromagnetic
disturbances in your own body and nearby environment triggered when
you are hit by the harassment.

This INDIRECT scanning totally gets around the problem of
undetectable signals!



Measuring equipment specs

Date sent:        Sun, 14 Jan 2001 07:29:03 +0000
Subject:          Success: More EEG sync'd to harassment bursts


Hi -

Last night was a night in which the perps used "electronic caffeine
injections", i.e. the repeated sensation of being injected with
caffeine to keep me wide awake, using electronic stimulation of the
brain to do so.

POSITIVE results.  Details follow:

I used an around-the-chest pickup coil, since the spinal cord
passes through such a coil and any major bursts of current along
the spinal cord should show up as bursts.

While both an EEG unit and a [Tri] Field Meter are not specifically
designed for this, both are very sensitive instruments and both
work fine for this application.  It is essential to have an audio
indication so you don't have to watch the instrument.

This coil consisted of twelve turns of #22 clear (essential so you
can tell one side from the other) speaker zip cord, Radio Shack
#278-1385.  The coil is wound "in air", no core, and when stretched
like a rubber band, the length is 22 inches, to go over most body
parts.   That is, each turn is 44 inches of wire.

The clear speaker zip cord is SPLIT, i.e.  pulled apart to give you
a single strand for each turn.  You can make a coil using double
strands, but unless you are experienced in electronics, I recommend
splitting the clear zip cord in half before winding your coils.

The loose coil is bound at two points with Elastoplast fabric
adhesive tape.

I'm going to post a detail drawing for a very neat way to put
connector pins on the ends of this coil and any other wiring to be
used for experimental measurements.  The basic method is to crimp
and solder "D-submini" pins (male) and sockets (female) on to wire
ends, then heat shrink tubing over the pins for insulation and to
make the pins smooth against the skin.  (The female sockets need a
slight bit of squeezing together and forced lateral misalignment to
assure tight connections over time.)

See audsens.htm for the promised drawings.

"D-submini" pins and sockets are made by the AMP corporation and
can be found in catalogues of electronic supply houses.  Heat
shrink can be had from electronic supply houses, TV/VCR repair
parts shops, and Radio Shack.

[A sloppy fit is fine - pickup coils do not need to be tightly
wrapped on what they are attempting to measure - this is why
"clamp-on" AC ammeters fit loosely around a wire in which current
is to be measured.]

The 44-inch turns will fit over the larger body parts.  For smaller
body parts, like your neck, arms, and legs, this loose coil can be
twisted into a figure-eight pattern.  (For the NECK, slip each lobe
of the eight over your head separately - this is especially
important if you have a large ego.)

The figure eight pattern doubles the effective number of turns.

To keep your instrument from being overloaded with routine noise
from your nervous system and environmental "hash", I use a 10 K
"pot" is mounted in the cover of a large prescription pill vial,

- provides a fixed resistance of 10 K across
  the pickup coil itself.  This seems to be
  an essential part of noise suppression.

- allows you to adjust from zero to 100%
  of the coil's output for passing on to your
  measuring instrument.  Over a number of
  different experiments, this adjustment 
  seems to be quite important.  I will also
  post a diagram of how to make up this


The coil was positioned around my upper chest all night, with the
wires passing through my arm pits.

Any movement of the bed clothes and the coarse paint-removal
scrubber pads would cause static discharge "artifacts".

("Artifacts" in instrumentation jargon are indications on the
measuring device which are not from the system being measured.  A
spot on a photo which is not in the scene is an example.)

But when you are attempting to rest it is not that hard with your
ear to separate the occasional movement artifact from the real
bursts of nervous system activity.

So last night, I had hours of time during which I was being fed
"maintenance doses" of "electronic caffeine" and they all
faithfully registered.

The falling asleep process, as we all know, starts out as a period
where your head empties itself of any particular thoughts, followed
by the "falling off the edge" into sleep.

With the coil in the chest position, I found that there were bursts
of activity more in the "thought emptying phase" than the other
night when electronic caffeine was only used twice.  I was never
allowed to reach that "falling off the edge" phase.

Now the bursts of whatever were absolutely perfectly timed to the
first moments of each "thought emptying" phase.  If I had a
stronger "thought emptying" phase than average, I'd get TWO bursts
of whatever.

There were no exceptions.

I didn't run the EEG all night, to conserve expensive batteries.
Battery power is essential to get as far away from 60 Hz AC line
noise as possible.  But I did get from 2 to 3 hours of monitoring
in.  (I don't watch the clock - that makes for stress.)



But think about it this way:  The fact that every single period of
"thought-emptying" was flagged, even with a decoy pulse, IN ITSELF
SEEMS TO BE EVIDENCE that my brain state was being monitored to a
very "microscopic" level, and being done so FROM A DISTANCE.



Therefore, this points to sleep deprivation as a HIGHLY AUTOMATED
form of harassment, doesn't it?  One of the most highly automated,
in fact.

To my mind, such automation brings the perps closer to a smaller
number of tortur-ers being able to control and keep disabled a
larger number of torture-ees.

I would say not only is there evidence in these readings, but the
automation involved shows intent to keep winnowing out the entire
population of the world into torturers or torture-ees.


What I'm hoping is that the anonymous but very highly qualified
supporters helping Cheryl with the medical aspects of mind control
can use this EEG/[Tri] Field Meter evidence to strengthen their

** By the way, this EEG sensing works equally well on all filter
settings from 2 Hz up thru 40 Hz.


Measuring equipment specs

Date sent:        Mon, 15 Jan 2001 20:09:18 +0000
Subject:          Classic perp mode switch:  EEG silent Jan 15/01

Classic example of how difficult it is to obtain
evidence.  Today, while resting for tonight's guard
shift, the EEG and coil setup produced ZERO
indications of any kind.  It was working properly,
as it continued to show the body/bedclothes/
paint-scrubber-pad movement artifacts.

Instead of the "darts" of the last two EEG sessions,
today the chosen mode of keeping me awake was
tone triggering of hypnotic stay-awake programs,
which have been installed in my brain some years
back.  These tone-triggers are also the NORMAL
method for the perps.


...for details.

I don't know if the last two sessions were examples
of decoys, or actual stay-awake bursts using older

I plan to continue working on ways to equip OTHER
victims who own Tri Field meters with audio 
indicator add-on devices.  Since the perps are known
to switch harassment modes, at least some, possibly
isolated, possibly decoy, readings may yet provide
usefule evidence that we are being electronically
"played with".  Also, results from several experimenters
at different locations, with different perp crews, will
better show the scope of the problem of detection.

There are other experiments I will continue to try -
this issue is so important all methods deserve trying.


Measuring equipment specs

Date sent:        Thu, 18 Jan 2001 09:34:37 +0000
Subject:          EEG summary, and EEG-to-head experiments

Hi -

When I purchased an el-cheapo PC-mouse-style GSR unit and a
biofeedback-style EEG unit a couple of months back, my purpose was
to try a new approach to gathering evidence:  Trap the biological
effects of the harassment signals, rather than the undetectable,
exotic classified mind control signals themselves.


Having read in "Secret Life of Plants", Tompkins and Bird, about
SIX researchers who found that plants mimic the full range of
animal nervous activity without having an actual nervous system, I
planned to start there.

My plant DOES exhibit EEG like traces - there is no doubt about
that, regardless of those who claim "plant EEG-like activity is a
hoax".  It is NOT.  In fact, the plant EEG like activity is
slightly higher in voltage than my own.

However, I've been stopped short of serious evidence collection by
these factors:

- Serious data collection, for my daily routine,
  means during rest periods, where the perps
  keep me awake by various means, since that
  is when the worst bodily harassment occurs,
  and is when undisturbed time is available
- The GSR unit pushes from 3 to 16 microamps
  through whatever it's testing.  This causes
  irritation and visible marking of skin if used
  overnight, and visible marking on the leaves
  of plants it's connected to.  (MICROamps,
  very surprising, but undeniable.)
- The plant/equipment setups are consistently
  "flatlined" the moment I drop on to my cot
  for rest.  I don't know whether the plant or
  the equipment is being suppressed.  However,
  given the very frequent manipulation of 
  animals as we walk about the city, it is quite
  possible the perps can suppress plant
  activity directly.
- As a double barrier, the perps also avoid sharp,
  obvious harassment effects when I have the
  plant hooked to either device.
- My own psychological barrier:  Now that I know
  plants "think", and do so with great perception and
  sophistication, I can not try the harm-the-plant
  type of experiments.

I've also tried a number of COUNTER-WOUND pickup coils, which as
some theory goes, will not detect conventional magnetic fields but
will detect "scalars".  Nothing at all.  Doesn't mean there are no
scalars around, could be the perps are flatlining those setups too.

So over the last few days, I've been trying to monitor my own
body's activity in response to harassment.  I've used two pickup

- Pickup coils around the body (simple)
- Coin electrodes, K-Y jellied, taped to
  body parts

(There is one coil type I want to try eventually but haven't taken
the time nor gathered the materials for, and that is a TOROIDAL
coil around my neck or torso.  A toroidal coil is better for
picking up the magnetic fields generated by the spinal nerves.
This is speculative, and I don't plan to rush into that one.)

The body-coil experiments produced confusing results, not
unexpectedly, given the perps' long demonstrated ability to disrupt
electronic equipment.

Two nights in a row, I got very forceful bursts of EEG activity,
broad band meaning filter settings of anywhere from 2 Hz to 40 Hz
produced about the same audible clicking and static bursts from the
unit's speaker.  These "darts" coincided perfectly with the
familiar "electronic caffeine injections".  These are sudden
awakenings, with no "tones" or any other stimulus, but which snap
you awake immediately and are usually used to do so just before you
"fall off the edge" into sleep.

Then, the following night, NOTHING whatsoever.

This strongly suggests the "darts" were DECOYS.

We need to keep in mind that our perps are not simply harassing us.
They are PSYCHOLOGICAL warriors and DECEPTION is a large portion of
their effort.

They want us divided and arguing over the technology, and this is
why we get so many confusing variations of effects, and appearance
that "TV" or "telephone" or "computer" or "house wiring" are the
carriers of the harassing signal.

The ideal victim, from the perps' standpoint, is one who does one
or more of the following:

- complains in public that they have a CIA
  tooth implant
- wears a foil beanie in public
- complains in public that their "TV" is harassing

... EVEN IF THOSE CLAIMS ARE TRUE, doesn't matter, the public has
been quietly coached to react immediately with "nut case".

So I recommend this response to perp deception:

- State that the classified weapons can imitate
  a very wide spectrum of technologies and
  delivery sources
- Claim only that "In my case the harassment
  MAY or SEEMS TO be coming from the
  AC outlets, FOR THE MOMENT"
       ... but that
- State clearly that you DON'T KNOW how
  the harassment from the CLASSIFIED
  weapons works, but it penetrates all shielding
  and can evade detection when the operators
  want it to
- State clearly that DECEPTIVE USE of the
  classified weapons is widespread, so you
  cannot say for sure what the source or
  signal type is

By being very circumspect and not "taking the bait" on the
deceptive attacks, you will maintain your own credibility and
contribute substantially to the credibility of the group.


So last night I tried to make a serious attempt to monitor my own
EEG using taped coin electrodes, moistened with K-Y jelly.  The
hookup worked properly.

However, the moment I lay down to start observing, the perps
snapped my nose shut, forcing me to breathe very uncomfortably
through my mouth.

Furthermore, they dramatically scaled up the sensation of electric
shocks all over my body, which are only sensations and not actual
shocks.  This is a common way to make sure I don't sleep, but last
night I had to writhe around constantly - I felt like the poor duck
in the store window who was forced to "dance" for passers by
because he was confined to standing on a hot surface.

Additionally, the perps used jamming equipment to force me to keep
the microvolt threshold knob set about three times higher than my
true brain activity.   If I pulled it down to where the brain
activity should have been - it sounded like one of the most violent
attacks of static you've ever heard in an old beat-up AM radio.

After a couple of hours this way, I gave up.


Artificially induced breathing trouble, like a pinched nose, is
standard perp fare among many of us, from reports I hear.

** By the way, later on that night, there was a 2-hour power
failure.  All of the usual harassment effects CONTINUED.

A couple of years ago, the effects would stop with a power failure.
Having seen all the deceptive practices I and others have
experienced, I don't believe that difference in power failure
experience was/is an actual change in technology.  Rather, it
indicated deception, to fool me into thinking the "power grid" has
something to do with the harassment.

So in conclusion, the perps don't want me doing bio-sensing,
that much is clear.

I will now turn my attention to getting any other victims who have
sensitive meters, as of the Tri-Field variety, equipped with audio
sensing, so they can do some serious bio-sensing experiments
without having to watch the meter face.  That significantly extends
the usefulness of these expensive meters.

(I recommend not attempting to add either audio sensing or external
coil/electrode jacks to any meter still in the warranty period.  I
will furnish audio units to interested meter owners, with
instructions to be carried out by a LOCAL, NEAR-YOU technician, for
$50  US including one-way Fedex shipment of the audio indicator
add-on unit.  If the meter owner is a "plant person" I will also
furnish plant leaf electrodes.)

As a final note, Sueann Campbell from Austin TX has an original Tri
Field meter.  Sueann has been able to watch her meter face during
serious attacks and she reports **NOT A SINGLE INDICATION** for the
electrostatic, magnetic, or electromagnetic signal types.  Sueann's
experience is, for me, one more very bold confirmation that we are
NOT dealing with conventional signal types.

And by the way, Sueann's meter, like others in their product line,
SUMS fields in ALL directions, so these meters are NOT like a
directional radio receiver.  You won't miss a conventional signal
if it is there.   ....for more info.

SUMMARY, I'd be grateful.   Since November 2000, I and others have
experienced rotating email blockages at a very high level.


Measuring equipment specs

From:             Eleanor White
Subject:          New plant EEG find
Date sent:        Wed, 31 Jan 2001 15:36:03

Hi -

Discard this email if you are not interested in experiments
designed to detect the biological effects of the undetectable
classified harassment signals.

I've always wanted to pick up the EEG-type activity in my plant's
root system but of course, that's very difficult.

I tried two stainless teaspoons pushed down on either side of the
plant, and I could feel some of the root branches snapping so I
know I engaged close to the broken ends.

Flatline.  Nada.

So I've just tried taking a strip of folded-once aluminum foil, cut
to a half inch width, then cutting to about 1-1/2" long and wrapped
around one of the more mature STEMS of my Cyclamen plant.

The wrapping was very loose.  The stem is about 3/16" diameter and
the wrapping is loose enough to allow a second stem passing

Before wrapping, I had applied a generous coating of fresh K-Y
jelly to the stem.

After wrapping, I gathered the slack on one side of the stem and
pinched the slack part flat, so a flattened tab projected out from
the stem.

I placed an alligator clip on this flat tab as close to the stem as
I could get it, and this caused the foil band around the stem to
moderately tighten - no slack was left.

I am finding that the EEG trace from this new electrode setup - the
hot electrode on the stem and the ground electrode on one stainless
spoon pushed down into the root system PRODUCES VERY LIVELY EEG

This is not too big a surprise - after reading "Secret Life of
Plants", apparently the root system is equivalent to our vascular
system and actually contracts and expands to force water and
nutrients up the stems.

Since our heart muscle's electrical output is tops in our bodies,
it is reasonable to expect that a plant's root system might have a
good deal of electrical activity too.

Some bad news:  The perps "cooperated" as I was trying this while
resting last night and gave me several jabs of burst type
harassment, such as limb flailing and hot needles in the flesh.

Since the electrical activity was high anyway, and the perps were
possibly the ones sending at least some of this activity as a cover
or decoy, I heard NOTHING different in sync with their jolts and

This could mean the lively activity was cover, meaning there was a
plant response but the perps were covering it up with fake, higher
level EEG signals from the plant.

Or, it could be that, not being a "plant person" myself, my plant
simply doesn't get upset if I get zapped.

This is a reason why I say this effort to detect biological
responses may take a fair bit of time and patience, and more than
one experimenter.  This is why I'm offering to anyone with a
Tri-Field meter to equip them with the audio sensing output so
others can have the equivalent of an oscilloscope but for far less

Obviously, the perps are keenly interested, and that much means
there may be something to it they are trying to hide from us.  I'd
bet on that.







9755 Independence Avenue
Chatsworth      CA
USA     91311-4318
Voice:  1-800-456-9887 (USA)  1-818-885-9090 (International)
Fax:    1-818-407-0850  (product BG101, $59.95 US)


8396 Route 9                    2180 Belgrave Ave. 
West Chazy      NY              Montreal       PQ
USA          12992              Canada    H4A 2L8
Description from web site:

The GSR meter instantly and accurately measures your emotional and
physical arousal. Simply hold it in your hand, resting two fingers
on the sensing plates. It turns itself on automatically at the
touch of your fingertips and emits a tone. The more stress you
feel, the higher the tone. Includes the GSR2 biofeedback unit plus
instructional cassette.

** GSR units are like OHM METERS, that is, they depend on passing 
a small current through the person or plant being tested.  This 
current though safe and small, can irritate skin and leaves, and 
this is why a current-lowering circuit modification is being worked
on.  Meanwhile, a 470K (470,000 or "half meg") resistor in series 
with one of the leads can be used to lower current without preventing
the pickup of skin response or leaf response.

Here is a December 10, 2000 email to the group with a couple of
bits of advice on connecting this GSR2 PC-mouse style unit for use
with plants:

Today making up electrode sets for both the GSR and the EEG units
for further experimentation.  Couple of thoughts:

1.  Discovered that by placing a series resistor of value 470,000 ohms
    (aka "470K" or "half a megohm") ...the tone range is still within 
    the dial's travel to bring up the audible tones.

    One full megohm is too high.

    What a half-meg resistor does is to reduce the current through your 
    own skin, or, through a plant, no doubt to the plant's relief, and 
    yours as well!

2.  I'm avoiding drilling the unit for proper external terminals as it 
    has a 1-year warranty.

    Instead, I've used contacts against the chrome finger electrodes 
    made from six 3/4" long folds of copper solder removal braid.  
    Copper coaxial cable shielding cut to 3/4" would do also.

    The braid is held against the chrome by two small pieces, about 
    3/8" wide, 3/16" thick, and 3/4" long, of the spongy stuff those 
    foam paint brushes are made of.  It is springier than other foams 
    and is cheap and easy to find.

    On top of that, there are a couple of wraps of Scotch "green label" 
    Magic tape, 3/4" wide.  (This tape really IS MAGIC, imo.)

    The 3/4" length chosen still gives an inch of chrome electrode for 
    direct experimentation with your fingers.

    Soldering to the braid is a challenge, because it is designed to 
    instantly fill with solder, making it less effective as a contact

    First, one end of the six-wrap pattern has three folds side by side.
    That can be opened up a bit with a sewing needle to allow a stripped
    wire end to pass thru.  Next, grip most, all but the top 1/16" or so 
    in a VISE.  Insert the wire end with enough length to fold the 
    stripped end back on the braid's end loops.

    Solder with this assembly in the vise.  The soldering will take more 
    heat and time, but the solder will not run down and fill the braid.




211 N. Sycamore
Newtown      PA 
USA       18940
Voice:  215-504-1700
Fax:    215-860-5374 


255 West 98th Street
New York       NY 
USA         10025
Voice: 1-212-222-5665
Fax:   1-212-222-5667


Professional EEG P-665 (one channel, two reference electrodes)


      However, contact the retailer - used units may be available.
      My unit was used and cost $495.00 US


Type: Differential Amplifier.                 
Input Sensitivity: 0.5 microvolts RMS.
Input Impedance: over 1 Megohm.  System Gain: 100 dB.
System Noise: less than 1 microvolt R.M.S. 

Center Frequencies: Separate filters at 2,5,7,8.5,10,12,14,20, 30, 40 Hertz.
(Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta frequencies.)
Filter Roll-Off: 12dB Per Octave.       Filter Band width: 2.5 Hz.
Notched: 40dB, rejection at 60 Hz.    Common Mode Rejection: 110 dB. 

Meter: Instantaneous EEG amplitude indication 0-50 microvolts.
Audio: Amplitude and Frequency Modulated tone. 

Volume Control        Threshold: 4 to 140 microvolts. 
Test: Push button battery test and electrode contact test.

Saline Solution Fiber Electrodes: for best electrode contact and ease
of application. 

Batteries: three 9-volt transistor radio type batteries. 
Battery Life: 50 to 100 hours. 


Handsome wood cabinet, brushed metal face plate.     
Size:  12" x 5.5" x 6" deep. 


Audio: Headphone jack, internal speaker.

Signals: External meter jack, oscilloscope outputs both before (raw)
and after filter. 

PRICING: $795 Complete. Shipping $15 in US (Used units, if available 

The Braintrainer is equipped with filters which monitor beta, alpha, 
theta, and delta brainwaves. This unit's circuitry provides 10 separate 
12-db per octave filters designed to give feedback whenever the amplitude 
in microvolts of the brainwave signal is above the threshold setting. 

These filters are centered around the most useful brainwave frequencies 
of 2.5, 5, 7, 8.5,10, 12,14.20, 30, 40 Hertz. 

Separate filtering is a necessity in brainwave monitoring, a
feature which traditionally only the more expensive models have
provided. In most cheaper instrumentation there is no way to
identify precisely which brainwave frequencies are actually being
produced. For most purposes this is inadequate. The Braintrainer
alleviates this problem by offering a specific filter to monitor
each frequency range that may be desired.

The Braintrainer circuitry includes a differential amplifier which
decreases the amount of noise and artifacts in the brainwave signal
from such sources as 60-cycle background noise and radio frequency
interference, yielding common mode rejection greater than 110 db.
This noise reduction allows more accurate discrimination of smaller
changes in electrical brainwave than would otherwise be possible.

The Braintrainer EEG includes both amplitude modulated and
frequency modulated audio feedback. The feedback tone is amplitude
modulated so that the larger the amplitude of the brainwave
activity produced, the louder the tone. The tone is also frequency
modulated so that the repetition rate (number of beats per second)
of the tone accords with the frequency of the monitored brainwave.
The   Braintrainer provides a calibrated threshold control which
ranges from 4 to 140 microvolts. The threshold microvoltage scale
was especially chosen to include the complete range of possible
brainwave amplitudes.

In addition to the above features the Braintrainer EEG includes
many other important features:

- Notch Filter at 60 Hz. with 40 db. rejection to prevent 
    environmental noise interference with brainwave measurements. 
    This is in addition to the 110db. common mode rejection. 
- Meter readout of brainwave levels. 
- Battery and electrode test push buttons. 
- Output for oscilloscope both after filters and before filters 
    ('raw') brainwave output). 
- Auxiliary output jack. For light display, special sound feedback 
    unit, digital integrator, percent time units. (All optional extras). 
- Volume control for comfortable audio feedback. 

A complete saline electrode set and headband are included with each
unit.  It consists of two ear clips and one active fiber electrode
which can be placed anywhere (crown, forehead, left or right
temporal regions). Ear clip electrodes minimize artifacts and false
signals due to eye blinking or muscle contractions of the forehead.
The placement of these electrodes is very easy, regardless of the
amount or density of hair on the subject's head.  The saline
solution is not messy as are electrodes which use electrode pastes
or creams. Like the units themselves, the electrodes are rugged and
will afford frequent and extended use.