Petty Page

April 12, 2004

(See the opposite, the Outrage Page)

This page is to collect very short references to the INCREDIBLY petty and silly harassment experiences we are hit with. By themselves, they may sound too silly to post, but remember the Chinese Water Torture. These "cause stalkers" leave no stone unturned when the decide to ruin someone's life - they do so down to the tiniest detail, as you can see here:

Short shorts (mostly while the victim is out or elsewhere):

- Twisting the victim's pillow case 90 degrees so the seam lays
  across the middle of the flat side of the pillow
- Snapping one shower curtain ring over another
- Moving furniture or belongings just far enough so the victim
  notices on return
- Sliding bed mattresses or sofa cushions askew
- Progressively picking embroidery apart
- Stealing office supplies from victim's desk
- Replacing the Clorox under a victim's sink with water
- Consistently dumping consumables when the container nears empty
- Stealing one roll of toilet paper while victim is out
- Stealing two packets of saltines from a 4-packet box
- Putting bunches of leaves in water dishes set out for squirrels
- Re-wiring of vacuum cleaners so the brushes spin backwards
- Bringing dirt and creating food spots in victims' homes
- Unravelling and tangling new hank of embroidery floss (heavy
  duty thread used for clothing repairs)