Outrage Page

April 3, 2004

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This page is to collect very short references to the more serious outrages suffered by victims of organized stalking, aided by advanced electronics and the ignoring and covering up of these crimes by public officials.

For outrages specifically in the form of threats, see:

The Satanic Connection page

Threats, other than cult or Satanic

Some of the more outrageous effects reported by victims of current
day high tech criminal harassment by REMOTE CONTROL:

- burns to various body parts   - sensations of hot needles in flesh
- electric shocks               - violent motion of body parts
- extreme pain with no trace    - forced org@sms in public
- total prevention of sleep     - heavy fatigue, esp on the job

Outrageous occurrences other than high tech:

- sabotage of home, car, work   - theft, delay, damage to mail
- theft, property and supplies  - staged auto accidents, close calls
- children elec tortured        - children taken from victim parents
- vicious rumor campaigns         by child protective services
- imprisonment on false charges

From an email, February 2004:

Dear Eleanor,

I cannot seem to answer the effects survey on-line, but suffice it to say,
I can answer YES to almost every question, both your survey and the
alternate one. What can I do to help stop this?  I have no money...they've
seen to that.  They caused my oldest son to commit suicide six years ago,
and have been working on my six year old son since the day he was born.
Actually, I think since before he was born, when I was pregnant.  It is so
horrible, so unthinkable to do this to children, how can we stop this.

My little guy suffers so, as do I.  My partner is also subject to
this. Please, what can I do to make it stop? 


From The Power Hour radio show, March 3, 2004:

Mr. Jesus Mendoza, with children ages 2 and 3, is hit so hard with
powerful electromagnetic signals that he suffers a number of serious
health effects.  He and his children are tortured and kept awake by
these signals.  Hear his 3 year old daughter in pain from the attacks.

Mr. Mendoza is (at date of broadcast) suing the U.S. Attorney General
for harassment and torture.  He reports that the government has
admitted to "monitoring" him.  The Mendosas live in Mission, Texas.

From an organized stalking victim who also experiences the effects
of high tech harassment:

Lissa:  I discovered my husband had been molesting, and had been
allowing associates molest, my daughter Jennifer.  When I called the
police, my husband said "You have no idea what you have done."  I
then took Jennifer to a pediatrician, then to a children's hospital.

By the time I was done, the authorities twisted the story around so
that *I* was declared mentally ill, and the childrens' custody given
to my husband [the pedophile abuser].  A year later I am still
fighting this, and from conversations I understand that if I win, I
will probably be killed.  The public has no idea how corrupt the
justice system is, and what a stranglehold organized pedophile rings
have on public officials.

From a multiple stalker victim who also experiences the effects
of high tech harassment:

Sally:  Frequent thefts and sabotage of my belongings to the point
that I now can't afford three meals a day.  I experience theft and
sabotage of my food and kitchenware.

From author Janet Leih, who lives in rural South Dakota, and had a
chemical analysis done on her well water AND DISTILLED WATER:

  "They show that my tap (well) water has softener salts,
   motor oil, heavy metals, azo dyes, asbestos, benzene,
   PCBs and clorox bleach in it.  And my distilled water
   has all the same substances in it."

Review of Janet's book When Medicine Failed

From Margo:  Hi. Here's a list of symptoms I go through. It's not
even close to being complete:

1.  I feel a debilitating fatigue then wide awake instantaneously, and
    vice versa. Any time.

2.  When I lie down to go to sleep, I'm always awake. I have no feeling
    of fatigue anymore. They don't let me drift off to sleep. That's
    "too much pleasure," they say [via voice to skull]. I go from wide
    awake to being sleep instantly. Same with waking up. I used to
    slowly become conscious, and then lie there and think for awhile
    before getting up.

3.  I listen to the radio all day. They force me hear the speakers in
    a perverted manner. Letter R like a person with a speech impediment,
    letter S like "sh" or "th." Force me to hear "is" as "was" and
    similar things.  Been going on a long time. Now doing it so my own
    voice sounds peculiar.

4.  Whatever they do to me seems to put me in a dazed state. In this
    state, they can transmit entire sentences in any voice they want,
    such as the speakers on the radio or family members. Just now
    beginning to transmit things using my own voice.

5.  Since 1997 to the present they have gradually perverted the taste
    of soft drinks. This has cost me literally $100s. I kept trying
    to force them down. But for seven years they've kept it up. The
    taste is unknown and completely unpalatable. There is absolutely
    nothing resembling the original taste left now. Now they are
    causing even healthful drinks such as milk and juices to taste

6.  They've put a feeling of fullness on me for well over a couple
    of years. I don't eat when they do this. It's having negative
    health effects.

7.  Really enhanced negative emotions.

8.  Since 1997 to the present they've gradually taken my ability to
    remember away. I cannot look up a phone number and remember it
    long enough to dial it. When driving I cannot look left to check
    the traffic then look right and remember if the way is clear.
    It's that short space of time - looking from the left to the
    right - that I forget. They are inclined to do this when I'm
    talking to someone to make me look bad. This particular crime
    is done to me continuously.

9.  They can stop long-term habits. I know full well how they do
    this.  While I would be thinking about the thing I would be
    doing, i.e., turning on the light over the plants at a certain
    time after getting up, they will talk about something else at
    that time and therefore MY OWN THOUGHTS CANNOT GET IN.

10. For the past year or so I've had an oily substance in my urine.

11. Force me to feel wetness as dryness, and vice versa, either on
    my body or in my mouth.

12. Since 1997 to the present they've taken my ability to smell or
    touch anything, period. I can pick things up but that's not the
    same as feeling. My own body, my cat's fur, a piece of paper -
    they all feel the same way. It's sort of a rubbery feeling.

I could go on and on. They have given me serious and sometimes
dangerous sensory deprivation for many years. Because my hearing is
interfered with, I cannot hear sirens, for instance. A neighbor came
to my house and smelled gas which I couldn't smell.  I scratch myself
and don't know how, because I CAN'T FEEL.  [Her sensation of touch
has been electronically taken away.]

Chris:  The stalkers attack me with vicious attacks during the night.
I am interrogated, I am ridiculed, I am insulted, I am cursed, I am 
threatened and I am physically beat from the stalkers voice to skull 
attacks against me in the early AM hours of March 15, 2004. It is one
of the worst nights of stalkers' voice to skull attacks against me
this entire year.

Joe:  I'm remembering the last time I consulted a mental health 
practitioner on the matter of mind control. I told him that I had been
experiencing bizarre harassment for a number of years. I told him that
I was having trouble getting legal help because no one believed me. I
wanted to use psychological testing to prove that I was not psychotic.
I said I knew my grip on reality was sound and that testing should
show this.  His response was the most chilling to date: He said that he
was not there to help me get out of my situation; he was there to help
me ACCEPT my situation.  Consulting a psychiatrist can have DIRE

[Eleanor White talking:  This is because in the matter of covert
government, government-sponsored, or government-covered-up programs,
psychiatrists are NOT QUALIFIED to judge if a given individual is
being targetted or not.  Technically, when they base a diagnosis
solely on someone's claim they are being surveilled and harassed
as "not possible", they are committing malpractice.  The field of
psychiatry, unlike law enforcement, has NO checks and balances.
Once a psychiatrist deems you in need of 'help' there is no appeal.

Click here for one way around this outrageous problem.]

From Bob [March 2004]:  I am still alive but just barely.  I have
been in a state of constant emergency since you last heard from me.

I have had very major harassment problems requiring enormous amounts
of work.  The work has been prevented by constant computer sabotage
which forced me to spend thousands of hours working to solve
continuous strange problems which tech support people never heard of.

I have had to reformat and reinstall XP over and over because no other
solution was possible.  After I have reinstalled and reconfigured the
software, strange new problems start again.  I try to live with the
problems as long as possible but when I can no longer function, I must
spend the time to reformat and then face a new set of unsolvable
problems.  I have spent dozens of hours talking to tech support people
who have never heard of the problems I have; and who have no solutions
for any of them other than reformatting.  Reformatting solves one set
of strange problems, but I soon have a new set of strange problems.

[Eleanor White talking:  This situation is not unusual in our group.]

Michael reports [March 2004]:  I know personally TWO people here in
Western New York state who are being harrassed(sic)  _  both female -
one is 75 and is blind from macular degeneration - the other is blind
from retinitis pigmentosa -  both feel/hear/"see" many of the same
tricks that many group members endure - their visual impairments seem
to only minimally limit the disturbances, and they report no more
sensitivity to sound than my own situation -- they would never join
our group because they don't want any more of whatever this is - and
also because they're scared, maybe??!?


Letters like this from a young man forced to abandon his education
because of exceptionally powerful advanced technology vibrations
bring thoughts of his perpetrators burning in Hell to mind.  If I 
sometimes write extreme-sounding messages to you, it's because I get
this type of report constantly.  Having experienced such things
myself, over and over, I know he is telling the truth:

Eleanor White,

I have been a full time student and a mind control victim being 
abused from burning of his body to constant painful vibrations of 
his body parts at the same time being threatened. 

After communicating with you a round November last year, I decided 
to drop out of school because  i realized my grades were dropping 
and teachers and students were getting distracted by the vibrations 
of my head and body when the teacher was teaching.  I had no 
explanation for this. 

At the moment I am not in school but I am still experiencing the 
same thing. Will I ever complete college? I don't know. Will I ever 
be genuinely happy with some form of privacy?  I don't know.

Ms. White any help you can give will be appreciated. 

Thank you.


I had to write him regrets that I can't answer his question.