Russian Weapons Law
Applying to Psychotronic Weapons

January 16, 2002

This page is to display excerpts and notes concerning Russian law(s) applying to "psychotronic weapons". At the above date, it appears there is a Russian law titled "About Weapons" which has passed into law.

Although the law avoids naming the specific intent of the Article 6 technologies as being "mind control", it is at least clear that the Russian Duma (Parliament) intends to address the problem of uncontrolled development, use, and possession of devices capable of attacking the human mind.

Thanks to the efforts of Cheryl Welsh, Mojimir Babacek and their contacts for supplying this important information.

Excerpt, Article 6, Russian Law "About Weapons"

Excerpt, proposal to amend Article 6 not yet passed.

Fragmentary Russian translations, background, courtesy Mojimir Babacek and others

Russian book translation, courtesy Cheryl Welsh