The Satanic Connection

April 21, 2004

A friend who is familiar with witchcraft wrote me:

"I read with interest the piece about Satanism. I ask that you make it very clear Satanism it is NOT Witchcraft. They are NOT the same. Satanism requires an intrinsic belief in Christianity and a God. Witchcraft has no such belief. In principle it is a Earth based religion, and that is in itself is a very broad statement."

This page is to collect reports from targets of stalking groups which are obviously from members of Satanic and other evil-worshipping cults. There is a separate page for threats which are NOT obviously from Satanic and evil-worshipping groups here.

If you read the book Terrorist Stalking in America" by David Lawson, you will learn that harassment group perpetrators are "in it" for a range of different motives. Strong among the motives are a sense of belonging and approval by the group, as with cults. Such motives are given a substantial boost by group leaders who convince the members that the target is a "bad person" and "richly deserves" to be harassed and if possible, turfed out of town, based on lies about the target.

One motive, which many targets of stalking groups believe is prevalent in the upper echelons of the harassment organizations, is Satanism. Serious researchers of secret societies tell me that such societies tend to have large, unaware memberships which do good deeds for the community, but devil worship tends to cluster in memberships at the highest levels, who are generally never seen by the large unaware memberships.

Tangible proof is VERY hard to come by, and this page is to collect samples of evidence of Satanic involvement among the stalkers who harass us day and night. We suspect Satanism has lots of support in high places. Seniour members of the justice system routinely provide cover for pedophilia, for example, and without some sort of religious connection where evil is worshipped, it is very difficult to imagine that the almost perfect cover for such brutal crimes could succeed without such a connection.

Although information about the Church of Satan, for example, is publicly available, even on the Internet:

... members of the justice system, and the justice system's most powerful enforcement arm, psychiatry, ALWAYS deny that Satanic rituals (and ritual abuse) occur WHEN VICTIMS OF SATANISM ASK FOR HELP.

Here, as of April 2004, are some of the people and their positions listed on the Church of Satan web site:

Magus Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997), Founder

Magus Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest

Magistra Peggy Nadramia, High Priestess

Magistra Blanche Barton, Magistra Templi Rex

Central Administrative Office:
Church of Satan
P.O. Box 499
Radio City Station
New York, NY 10101-0499 USA

The Cloven Hoof:
Magistra Blanche Barton
P.O. Box 210666
Chula Vista
CA 91921-0666 USA

Another Satanic web site states they "don't believe in Satan", another cover up tactic for public consumption:

"You've seen us on the streets. I rode the bike right next to you in the gym today. I'm that guy you cut in front of in traffic. I held the door open for your wife and kids going into the market too. Who are we? We're Satanists.

"Black cloaks and pentacles, that's us too. Hollywood fears us and right wing fundamentalists hate us. Legend has us murdering and having sadistic and depraved ceremonies all in the name of Satan. When you speak the word Satanist, do you believe these sources? Fear and hate us if you will, but read the truth, The Street Satanist. Articles by avowed Satanists.

"Hollywood will titillate. Christian Fundies will tell shocking and vicious lies. The Street Satanist is brought to you by Reason and Intellect. More Satanic virtues you will find inside.

"Pssst - Here is the funny part - We don't even believe in Satan!"

So ... the propaganda above is why it's important to begin to collect evidence of Satanic (and other cults which glorify evil) involvement in organized stalking cases. Here below are the items to date:

Julie's Satanic threat letter #1 (found at her home):


Julie's Satanic threat letter #2 (found at her home):


Julie's murdered cat, subject of letters:


Dr. Ellen Lacter's exposé of abusive witchcraft sites:

(Abusive witchcraft is another cult type which worships evil)