Threats Received

April 21, 2004

This page is to collect reports of threats received by targets of stalking groups, which are NOT obviously from members of Satanic and other evil-worshipping cults. There is a separate page for Satanic and evil-worshipping groups here.

The visitor should understand that "mind games" are played by the stalking groups, so some of the threats may seem nonsensical. If you will scan the book review of Terrorist Stalking in America, by David Lawson, you will soon see that when one is a target of these vicious, inescapable groups, even threats which a non-target might laugh at aren't the least bit funny to the target. One of the most outrageous aspects of threats by group stalking groups is that it is the target's PETS and sometimes CHILDREN who are most likely to have the threats CARRIED OUT against them.


A threat left on an automobile belonging to a stalking group target in
Sweden.  The 3-letter word at the top of the marking is:


In English that means "dead".  A meaning for the hand and stick figure
symbols is not known to the target.  Before dismissing this as "kids",
keep in mind that kids of all ages are frequently used by parents who
are members of stalking groups.  This is apparently an attempt to make
the target feel "everyone (of any age) is against me".  It is also an
excellent way to cover up the stalking crimes as the non-targetted
public has difficulty believing kids could or would be used this way.