Victim Photos

June 14, 2006

Eleanor White

Edmund Light

Forrest Thompson

Janine Jones

Blanche Chavoustie

Betty Daly-King

Donna Lee

Anna B.

John Allman, England

Tracy Givens, Ft. Worth, Texas

Victor Moturi

Kathy Heckman

Patricia Mougey

OUR COLLEAGUES with brains opened and wires inserted

Summer 2001 Mind Control Meeting, Davis, California
ABOVE, Left to right: Mike Duffy, Mary Ann Stratton, Rod Orr,
Cheryl Welsh, Rod's friend, Alex Hyde

ABOVE, Tom McClelland, New York City, March 20, 2004 Peace March

ABOVE, Sueann Campbell's truck, Round Rock, Texas
This lady gets the word out!

ABOVE, Tom McClelland, New York City, 2004 Republican Convention;
Tom showed sign to acoustic weapon crew who all nodded

ABOVE, Tom McClelland, New York City, 2004 Republican Convention;
the sound weapon appears as a flat grey disc in background

ABOVE, the back side of the NYC sound cannon

ABOVE: Jesus Mendoza of Mission, Texas, wife Silvia, and children, who have suffered severe electronic attack after Jesus blew the whistle on a corrupt law school where he was a [Dean's list] student. NOTE the redness in Jesus' eye which was a result of the electronic attacks. The U.S. government, in court, admitted they had Jesus under "electronic surveillance" but would not admit to the assault on Jesus' body, or the torture of his children.

Click here to hear one of his children cry when under attack.

Jesus Mendoza's pro se complaint (posted January 27, 2005)