Anomalies Resulting from MKULTRA Experiments
Blanche Chavoustie
Images Received November 16, 2000

As my colleagues know well, I, Eleanor White, a 20-year victim of
harassment by advanced psycho-electronic weapons, have urged both
co-victims and supporters alike to take a second look at the failures
of conventional shielding, and exotic effects like remote manipulation
of objects, and grasp the fact that our group is being tormented
by an entirely new type of physics.  I call this physics simply the
"classified weapons" at the moment.

This is a hard sell.  People really want to believe our harassment
comes in via shieldable, detectable, and provable signal types, but
our experiences simply don't bear that belief out.

One of our members, Blanche Chavoustie, is unique in that she has
been both an institutional kidnap-ee under the MKULTRA programs, and
has had subsequent attacks by the current psycho-electronic weapons.

Apparently, these MKULTRA experiments left Blanche in a very visible
state of having some of the most exotic technology of anyone in our
group applied to her.  The photos below give you a glimpse of what
I'm talking about:

1.  Blanche Chavoustie, Blenhem Palace in England, home of Winston
    Churchill, WITH FLASH:

2. Blanche Chavoustie, same scene as above, NO FLASH. Without the bright artifical light, an aura emanating from her front torso is visible to the camera but not to Blanche. Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden's book,
Excalibur Briefing, describes this exact same phenomenon occurring along railroad tracks in New Jersey, USA. Lt. Col. Bearden credits the effects to geological piezo-electricity, using "hyperspace" as a catalyst to produce a light not visible to the camera person but visible on the film:
The photo below shows a similar "glow" around MKULTRA survivor Kathleen Sullivan's hands, at a moment when one of her "alters" (MKULTRA-induced multiple personalities) had control: kathleenhands.jpg
3. Blanche Chavoustie, at Ayers Rock, Australia. These white lights are NOT lens flares, they were seen by people at the site. Blanche reports: "I got a very serious, deep burn on my left front ribcage around the time the photo was taken and it took months to heal."
By the way, if this isn't enough, Blanche (and at least one other MKULTRA experimentee) have had magnets stick to them as if their body was magnetic. I submit Blanche's experiences shown here as significant evidence, that those who are victims and supporters must begin opening their thinking, writing, and speaking up to the unmistakeable presence of entirely new physics when describing the technology in use. 4. Close up view of "heart shaped" burn which appeared on Blanche's chest as a result of some 1990's "strange light" anomalies as sampled above.
5. This one is a real oddity. When a photo studio in New York state returned a proof copy of a school photo, a mosaic of apparent photos of Auschwitz inmates was "accidentally" enclosed with the proof. The gal below looks slightly like Blanche when she was young. Blanche's best information is that the "inmate number" actually her status within MKULTRA and other similar programs.
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