The Creator’s intentions with the sexual energy etc.

2 ‘opposing’ types of orgasm

Already about 25 years ago I could sense that, on the whole, humans can use the sexual power / the sexual energy in 2 fundamentally different ways – 2 ‘opposing’ ways. This means that both men and women overall can experience 2 fundamentally different types of orgasm. I call them release orgasm and transformation orgasm. It is thus a question of how you perceive and choose to use the sexual energy.

Sexual energy / sexuality is one of the ways the universe’s creative power or energy can express itself. We – or more precisely our souls – emerged because God the Father and God Mother had orgasms!

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‘Planet X’: The cause of global disasters foreseen by RUOW and The Revelation (in The Bible)

February 2019: Probably for the last year or so, my feeling has been that the passing of Planet X/Nibiru will not be nearly as catastrophic as the information and allegations etc. on this page suggest. I hope I am right…!

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Maria Occult Gala: Satanic Gala with Hollywood celebrities…

You can find an analysis of the Satanic, pedophile, and cannibalistic nature of this Hollywood ‘Gala’ here: “LEAKED: Hollywood PEDO Party Pics EXCLUSIVE Exposed” (video).
There is also an article about the gala on Observer.com, from November 2011, including a few photos that are not below: “Losing Our Appetites: Pictures from Marina Abramovic’s MOCA Gala”

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