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The Creator’s intentions and our responsibility

I feel that the Creator of the Universe and all life is both loving and intelligent. This means that all problems can be solved – if one has a sincere desire to understand everything, by learning to listen to the Creator, the Creation, God the Father, God the Mother, one’s Higher Self, etc. – through the body, the emotions, and intuition. In practice, this means that you have to learn to let your body and emotions make you aware of all the unconscious judgmental and locking misunderstandings that limit us and create all our problems.

Is there a woman whose curiosity, desire for understanding, sincerity and desire to solve all problems by transforming and heal body and soul is stronger than her fear of the unknown?
This is the kind of woman I am looking for, and for whom this text and the rest of my website are written, in particular. I hope to get in touch with you soon.

Already for approx. 30 years ago I felt that the purpose of my life is to transform and heal body and soul, thereby creating a new world where aging, disease, pain, death, memory loss and reincarnation do not exist – although at that time I might not have been able to express myself so precisely. In such a new world, psychopaths, violence, war, dictators, oppression, extreme inequality, etc. do not exist either.

Briefly about my background

I am a man, born in 1963.

Approx. 29 years ago I learned Sexual Tantra, and when I started practicing it, it started an all-encompassing and very intense inner process that I regard as a kundalini rising. I wanted to start an inner transformation process, and it happened overwhelmingly. It is still a continuous process of development, although it is more calm nowadays.

My website is, in short, my conclusions on this extensive internal process.

I would recommend anyone who is interested in personal and spiritual development etc. (or in relationships, sexuality and orgasm) to e.g. to read my text The Creator’s intentions with the sexual energy etc.

Henrik Rosenø

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This post is available in: Dansk English

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