Geo-ESP Training

Geo-ESP Training – Learn to locate anything on the planet using your 6th sense

Geo-ESP Training is about training the 6th sense to sense in which direction a target is located, seen from a number of reference points, and thus draw bearing lines (ideograms) on the touchscreen (on your smartphone or tablet). This makes it possible to locate the target by looking at the bearing lines on a map generated by the app!

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The Death Traps – What happens when we die has completed yet another fascinating – and shocking – remote viewing project: The Death Traps! (Farsight News for January 15, 2020.)

The topic this time is: What happens when we die – when our soul leaves the physical body. The shocking discovery is that some creatures – demons – or ‘spiritual predators’ – you could call them – lure us into some traps where they erase our memory and ‘throw’ us back down here into a new body without remembering anything about who we are! This means that in reality the Earth is a prison…

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Smart meters: A documentary on health risks etc.: Take Back Your Power

Copenhagen, January 18, 2020 Many people with an engineering background find it difficult to understand how smart meters can be harmful to your health, even though people with EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity), experience the pains on their own bodies. The text below is about the smart meters in the USA and their harmfulness etc. I

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New version: A short description of myself:

I feel that the Creator of the Universe and all life is both loving and intelligent. This means that all problems can be solved – if one has a sincere desire to understand everything, by learning to listen to the Creator, the Creation, God the Father, God the Mother, one’s Higher Self, etc. – through the body, the emotions, and intuition. In practice, this means that you have to learn to let your body and emotions make you aware of all the unconscious judgmental and locking misunderstandings that limit us and create all our problems. –

Is there a woman whose curiosity, desire for understanding, sincerity and desire to solve all problems by transforming and heal body and soul is stronger than her fear of the unknown?
This is the kind of woman I am looking for, and for whom this text and the rest of my website are written, in particular. I hope to get in touch with you soon.

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There is not a consensus among climate scientists!

… the IPCC is a politically ruled organization. And its purpose is not to understand the climate and convey that understanding. The IPCC’s purpose is political – and a bit obscure or complicated to understand.

Many of the scientists who’s names are in the report as supporters and contributors have contributed with critical comments that have been distorted or censored out by the political leadership of the IPCC. But their names are still on the list as if they support the report’s conclusions!

Therefore there exist: 1: An alternative report. 2: A very critical analysis of whether the IPCC’s report can be regarded as science at all. 3: Several petitions of scientists against the false consensus of the IPCC on man made climate change.

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The Creator’s intentions with the sexual energy etc.

2 ‘opposing’ types of orgasm

Already about 25 years ago I could sense that, on the whole, humans can use the sexual power / the sexual energy in 2 fundamentally different ways – 2 ‘opposing’ ways. This means that both men and women overall can experience 2 fundamentally different types of orgasm. I call them release orgasm and transformation orgasm. It is thus a question of how you perceive and choose to use the sexual energy.

Sexual energy / sexuality is one of the ways the universe’s creative power or energy can express itself. We – or more precisely our souls – emerged because God the Father and God Mother had orgasms!

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‘Planet X’: The cause of global disasters foreseen by RUOW and The Revelation (in The Bible)

February 2019: Probably for the last year or so, my feeling has been that the passing of Planet X/Nibiru will not be nearly as catastrophic as the information and allegations etc. on this page suggest. I hope I am right…!

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Maria Occult Gala: Satanic Gala with Hollywood celebrities…

You can find an analysis of the Satanic, pedophile, and cannibalistic nature of this Hollywood ‘Gala’ here: “LEAKED: Hollywood PEDO Party Pics EXCLUSIVE Exposed” (video).
There is also an article about the gala on, from November 2011, including a few photos that are not below: “Losing Our Appetites: Pictures from Marina Abramovic’s MOCA Gala”

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