The Death Traps – What happens when we die

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Version 1.10, Copenhagen, January 27th, 2020
Version 1.00, Copenhagen, January 24th, 2020

– Probably Farsight’s most important project to date

Important additions in version 1.10, January 27, 2020:
OK. I admit that I should have add something like the following to the text below:


I feel that the Creator of the Universe and all life in it is both loving and intelligent. This means that all problems can be solved, if you have a sincere desire to understand everything, by learning to listen to the Creator, the Creation, God the Father, God the Mother, your Higher Self, etc. – through the body and the emotions and the intuition. In practice, it means learning to let the body and the feelings draw your attention to all the unconscious judgmental and locking misunderstandings that limit us and create all our problems.

This also means that nobody, including ‘demons’ or ‘aliens’ etc., can have any power over you unless you give them that power.

It should also be added that while some sources say it is difficult to bypass the death traps, other sources more or less say that you can just ignore those ‘forces’ that try to lure you into their traps.

At the end of my text The Transformation I have the following:

List of literature

This text is only a short and concentrated introduction. If you want to read more about denial, fragmentation, release/redemption, realizing judgements, the future, the past, God/the divine, the different types of souls and spiritual beings etc., I can recommend the following books and websites:

  1. The website of Process Coach Torben Staal: (in Danish)
  2. (in English with a little in Spanish (castellano/español) and German (deutsch))
  3. “Calling Home the Fragments of Our Souls” by Uma Thunderbear, 1999. She experiences merging with her fragments in a quite concrete way.
  4. “Right Use of Will – Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body” (often abbreviated RUOW) by Ceanne DeRohan, 1984, 1986, Four Winds Publications. It is the first book in a series of 8 books that should be read in chronological order. Ceanne DeRohan also has a website:
  5. “The Wholly Bible: What I Intended – Jesus, The Christed” by I.M. Hart (pseudonym), 1995, HeartHouse Publishers, PO Box 1795, North Bend, WA 98045-1795. I have a little doubt about whether this source is as clear and exact as the others I mention here.
  6. Besides that, you can read about when people “borrow” or steel fragments from each other, about all the problems and pain it creates, and about how shamans can help you get back your fragments, in books like for instance “Soul Recovery and Extraction” by Ai Gvhdi Waya, Blue Turtle Publishing, PO Box 2513, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. (Other books use the term soul retrieval.)
  7. In Denmark there is an association for people who have had kundalini experiences. It is called “Foreningen Kundalini netværk og information”, and has the following homepage:

Henrik has completed yet another fascinating – and shocking – remote viewing project: The Death Traps! (Farsight News for January 15, 2020.)

The topic this time is: What happens when we die – when our soul leaves the physical body. The shocking discovery is that some creatures – demons – or ‘spiritual predators’ – you could call them – lure us into some traps where they erase our memory and ‘throw’ us back down here into a new body without remembering anything about who we are! This means that in reality the Earth is a prison where the “bars” mainly consist of:

  1. Our unwillingness to acknowledge or discover or understand or feel certain things – quite many things actually.
  2. We are deliberately manipulated and intimidated into letting ourselves be terrorized and have our souls broken down.
  3. The artificial erasure of our memory between each incarnation.
  4. Add to that the extremely destructive long-term impacts of Wi-Fi, mobile telephony, cordless phones and many other artificial harmful EMF sources (it leads to infertility, autism, dementia etc.etc.), combined with vaccines, drugs, pesticides, heavy metals, chemtrails, etc. etc. (My texts on these subjects are mainly in the Danish part of my website.)

You should at least read the introduction: The Death Traps. And watch the trailer there.

As usual, the project is carried out under scientific blind conditions, i.e. the remote viewers did not know what they were supposed to ‘look at’. They only knew that Courtney Brown had formulated 2 questions – or ‘targets’ – as they are called in remote viewing – which logically should be called remote sensing or remote perception or extrasensory perception (ESP).

Here is the actual email sent me on January 15th, 2020:

Hi Everyone!

Farsight just released The Death Traps! This remote-viewing documentary describes how Earth is run as a prison planet by trapping souls after death so they can be recycled back to this planet. According to these data, death is no longer and escape. As “over the top” as this may sound, this ties together decades of research done at Farsight. It is available now at Here is the trailer:


And here is the direct link to FarsightPrime where you can see the entire nonfiction movie.


Twitter: @farsightrv

Instagram: @farsightremoteviewing and @farsightinstitute


Stay ahead of the curve. Let the mainstream fade in the dust. Be there now!

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director
The Farsight Institute

The project immediately inspired Max Igan in Australia (who has recently revealed the real cause of the many forest fires: Government corruption (stealing the water) and deliberate manipulation of the weather) to make a video with his perspective on this issue: The Truth Trap

The problem is also very thoroughly addressed in Our Predator–by Carlos Castaneda

Be aware that the page loads quite slowly. The site itself was originally located at But they obviously did not like the truths presented by this outstanding researcher, so they closed his website “for a violation of our Terms of Service.” So now you have to look for his articles at Internet Archive – The Wayback Machine – our collective memory… apropos! So please support them financially. Otherwise, sometime in the future, it will be impossible to access information that the power psychopaths – ‘the predators’ – do not want us to have access to.

We live in a very crucial phase of world history

Some of the most important texts on my website – www.Transformation.DK – are about the fact that memory loss must necessarily be the result of traumatic experiences, and that dying and reincarnating must therefore logically be a traumatic experience. In other words: Nobody will consciously or voluntarily choose to ‘throw out memory’… For me, it is almost banal logic. But among people who perceive themselves as very spiritual, I have met widespread opposition to this logic, and that has always puzzled me.

So for many years, I have perceived the fact that between the incarnations one loses memory, as proof that dying and reincarnating is a traumatic experience. Which again – according to my logic – means that it is not the intention of the Creator of the universe and of all life in it, that aging, illness, pain, death, memory loss, and reincarnation should exist.

The fact that malicious beings seem to be actively and systematically robbing us of our memory before they ‘throw’ / force / lure us into a new body here on Earth, as a bunch of ‘clueless’ – unsuspecting, confused, easily manipulated victims – isn’t really that surprising to me, I guess – although of course it is shocking!

All these problems are, in very few words, the logical consequence of the fact that all the souls and living beings in the universe are fragmented and have been so from the beginning of the creation of the universe. If we were not fragmented, from the beginning of the Creation, then all the problems we have experienced and are experiencing could never have happened! I explain the reason for all this in the central, and oldest, text on my website The Transformation – about mankind’s situation and possibilities and in other texts.

Some of my friends here in Denmark have commented on my first email about The Death Traps. ‘D’ writes as follows:

This radical revisionism of reincarnation is turning up in the spirit of the times. There are various related sources for these concepts. The following article cites at least 6-7 sources: Wingmakers, Stuart Wilde, Michael Tellinger, Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy, John Lamb Lash, Simon Parkes , Wes Penre, et al.:

And ‘J’ refers to a very short video:

The Moon, what is the Moon ?

And to his own website:

He also refers to the book Alien Interview, edited by Lawrence R. Spencer, which describes the phenomenon in details. There is even a 4:42 (h:min) long video where the book is read aloud:

Roswell Alien Interview – Area 51 Full transcript of Airl with notes by pbatusa.

(Note: Always remember that some alien or ET or the like can have just as dubious intentions as socalled humans.)

From there we can ‘deduce’ the book’s table of contents:

00:55 About the Transcript.
08:10 Introduction Letter about the Transcript Series.- Roswell Alien Interview – Area 51 Full Transcript
21:15 The Alien Symbol
23:30 Various photographs, compiled
23:35 Chapter 1 – Roswell Alien Interview – My First Interview with the Alien.
39:32 Chapter 2 – My Second Interview
43:15 Chapter 3 – My Third Interview Comments:
48:18 I am a creator, mother, source…
49:18 Chapter 4 – The Language Barrier
54:15 Chapter 5 – Reading Lessons
01:01:40 Chapter 6 – My Education Begins
01:15:57 Chapter 7 part 1 – A Lesson in Ancient History
01:30:56 Chapter 7 part 2 – Roswell Alien Interview 1914 A.D., the base was rediscovered. Force screens explained (How an Is-Be is captured.)
01:39:53 Chapter 8 Part 1 – A Lesson in Recent History –
01:54:52 Chapter 8 Part 2 – Roswell Alien Interview Airl denies a single Almighty God is true.
02:08:17 Chapter 9 Part 1 – A Timeline of Events.
02:23 Chapter 9 Part 2 – Religion double speak; Slavery.
02:38:15 Chapter 9 Part 3 – More dates of history as repeated by Airl. Resource mining. Great pyramids.
02:53:16 Chapter 9 Part 4 – Tree of Life Is-Be search parties referred to as Annunaki and Nephilim.
03:02:25 Chapter 10 Part 1 – A lesson in Biology … the origin of biological entities. evolution theory, etc.
03:17:25 Chapter 10 Part 2 – On evolution continued… invention of procreation the “Council of Yuhmi-Krum” (the food chain and procreation)
03:32:33 Chapter 11 – A Lesson in Science …Johannes Gutenberg, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, George washington Carver, Nicola Tesla, Jonas Salk…
03:47:22 Chapter 12 – A Lesson in Immortality Everyone is a god. The Original #MMORPG03:47:36
03:54:12 Chapter 13 – A Lesson in the Future. Alien departing within 24 hours. Men perform acts of treason… Lemuria
04:06:22 Chapter 14 – Airl reviews the Interview Transcripts … Prepared questions. Names of some in attendance, Lindbergh, Doolittle, Norstad, etc.
04:16:25 Chapter 15 – My interrogation … After Airl was killed. (John Reid Lie detection and Truth serum. sodium pentothal.)
04:22:10 Chapter 16 – Airl Departs. Matilda’s departure with an oath of secrecy. Additional contact by Airl.
04:27:15 Postscript- Roswell Alien Interview from Mrs. MacElroy

‘T’ writes:

Very nice that these feelings, which I have had myself and have met in several people, are confirmed.
I have met these views, for example with Scientologists and now in connection with Prepare for Change.

And ‘E’ writes:

Thanks for the information. I recommend that you read Wes Penres Papers, which have been dealing with this for many years, and has written thousands of pages about it.

Of course, further comments are always welcome.


Henrik Rosenø

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