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Copenhagen, January 18, 2020

Many people with an engineering background find it difficult to understand how smart meters can be harmful to your health, even though people with EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitivity), experience the pains on their own bodies.

The text below is about the smart meters in the USA and their harmfulness etc. I don’t know if the Danish ones might work a bit differently. But the man behind this award-winning documentary Take Back Your Power spent 2 years of his life making it, hoping to stop the spread of smart meters altogether.



While packing for a move two nights ago, I found this humanitarian award that I received for my documentary Take Back Your Power. What a ride it’s been, and still is.

Since the first version was launched in 2013, we’ve had more than 500 community screenings around the world, around 2 million combined viewings.

For those of you who don’t know, the film fully exposes the “smart” meter agenda for what it is, including effects of ill-health, surveillance, fire risks, extortion and more.

You can watch the final version of Take Back Your Power free on YouTube here, subtitled in multiple languages. If you haven’t yet, begin the journey with me and see it tonight! (Other languages: dubbed in German, new release in Dutch.)

I admit that I naively expected the film – by itself – to lead to the halt of “smart” meters. After all, that was why I invested two years of my life into it.

To be honest with you, at times it has felt like the mission for safe technology has not yet been successful. This is partly true, because things like 5G and “smart” meters still exist in our reality, harming people and all of life without consent.

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In this challenge of dropping into the disappointment of my film not stopping “smart” meters instantaneously, I was prompted to go deeper into what it truly means to take back one’s power.

Lately I’ve begun to comprehend more of the amazing purpose embedded in this challenge of needing to go deeper to find our freedom. Of what happens as we reconnect to our Power within.

Despite the agendas going forward, you and I are still here.And humanity is waking up faster and more comprehensively than ever before.That trend is accelerating. As the intensity is increasing, I’m seeing signs of this awakening everywhere. What signs are you seeing?

This is the year we are letting go of the “not enough” program. (i.e. Nothavingenough, notdoingenough, notbeingenough.) Like many of our tribe, perhaps you know exactly what I mean. Watch as this program dissolves away; it’s already happening, you can see it in the signs and feel it in the feelz.

Let’s keep sowing the seeds of eternity into this world.Right action, without attachment to outcome.Trusting that our best is good enough. Within this posture it feels so good, so alive, part of the cosmic turning.

If you are committed to the cause of life and to doing your best, then in any multi-dimensional reality
your best is always good enough. And as you deepen connections with your “tribe”, we will create and experience greater things together.

Josh del Sol

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This post is available in: English

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