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"Please know there is someone else out there in the world who finds your words to be a breath of fresh air, as they say. You are talented with a gift of explaining things that there were times in my life that I believed were impossible to explain to anyone."

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The Transformation

- about mankind's situation and possibilities

By Henrik Rosenø - about me

Personal and Spiritual Evolution

It is the purpose of this text to trigger your body and your emotions, and not only to be a mental or intellectual "project". If the text triggers you emotionally, you need to allow this response without harming yourself or others. The text is a quite concentrated introduction to a quite comprehensive subject, so it might be necessary to stop reading once in a while, to "digest" or let your emotions react to the text. It is also recommended not to skip anything. Those who want to read more may use my list of literature at the end of the text. I would like to thank first and foremost Torben Staal, Ceanne DeRohan, and the channelers at, for their crucial help and inspiration. They can also be found in the list of literature.

Formerly mankind has not dared letting the denied enter the consciousness, because we have not been able to accept and understand it and release it, and therefore we have not been able to understand ourselves and life fully, and realize our full potential. This opportunity exists now for those who dare let it happen.

This text expresses my understanding of life and death etc., from my experience and intuition. Every serious process of realization and release will sooner or later lead to your own personal inner contact with God (in one form or the other). [spiritual guidance] You might also put it in this way: This text is a supplement, a support, and an invitation to your own personal communication with the divine. Father-God and Mother-God wish to communicate directly with anyone who wishes to communicate with them. Everyone who really wants to live has emerged from Father-God and Mother-God in one way or the other.

Emotional Release in Theory and Practice

An evolutionary process has 2 primary aspects: [personal and spiritual growth, emotional evolution]

  1. To realize and recognize the judgemental and locking misunderstandings, acknowledging that they are judgements.

  2. To let the denied, misunderstood emotions and (life)forces move, express, release, change, and transform from something "negative" and unpleasant or painful to something positive and pleasant.

In that way, a truer understanding of ourselves and life unfolds gradually where the unconscious misunderstandings were before.

In what follows I focus on explaining the 2nd part - release of emotions and (life)forces. In my recent text What is Personal and Spiritual Evolution, I try to explain the 1st part - to realize and recognize judgements. Additionally, it is explained in several of the sources I refer to in the list of literature at the end of this text.

In connection with the 2nd part - release of emotions and (life)forces [catharsis] - it is necessary to let the body and the emotions express themselves in the way they feel necessary. It is important that you let the body and the emotions release themselves in their way, and that you do not let the consciousness or the intellect or your ideas about release or other ideas govern the process. You need not use specific methods or techniques. That might impose mental limitations and impediments on the emotional and bodily release. If the body and the emotions temporarily take control over the process of release, it is called ignition. In that situation the emotions might express themselves loudly using sound, that is the voice, and the body might move equally violently and out of control, to release terror, pain, anger or whatever is being released. It is necessary to let this happen, yet without inflicting harm on yourself or others. Often it is also necessary that it takes place in a secure atmosphere, that is either in solitude, where nobody can hear you, or maybe with people who understand what is going on or are open to letting it happen. Your process of release is fundamentally a matter between you and God/the divine or your higher self, and no one else.
Often it will seem inconvenient or inappropriate when the denied emotions feel the need to express and release themselves, for instance if you are with other people. That is part of the reason why we have not yet released these forces. It may often be necessary to let the pain etc. "accumulate" in the consciousness and the body until it can be expressed and released, for instance when you are alone. If you do not realize and release the denied while it is still attempting to enter the consciousness and express itself, then it may manifest itself as problems with your surroundings, for instance as problems, conflicts or quarrels in your relationship with others, or it will "settle down" in the body, as pain or illnesses, and that, of course, will make it a little more difficult to release.

By the way, fear and anger are 2 sides of the same thing. If you release anger, sooner or later you will get in contact with the fear, and if you release fear, sooner or later you will get in contact with the anger, until they are both released.

If you use a bed to let the body release itself, you should be aware that the closer the bedposts are to bearing walls, the less the floor will tremble and transfer sound to neighbours etc. when the body releases itself. You can also consider letting the whole bed or mattress rest on a mattress, which lies directly on the floor, to deaden and distribute the bumps, and prevent the bed from collapsing.
I live in an apartment, and for some time I considered building a soundproof room that I could use when my body and emotions needed releasing with sound and ignition, but until now I have been able to do with a much simpler solution: I discovered that pillows with downs and small feathers are very sound-absorbing, so I bought 3 big pillows and gathered them in a "therapy-box". When I place it in front of my face, I can express and release sound and emotions without the neighbours being able to hear anything. It is not a sufficient solution for everybody, and, of course, it is also somewhat a moral compromise that the birds must die so that we can release our (life)forces and in that way save our soul and survive our own creation.

It should be noticed that it seems there are some people who do not have so much need to release themselves with sound, ignition, and body movements, but probably I could not have done without it. Therefore it is important for me to describe it as well as possible. In the books and websites I refer to in my list of literature at the end of the text you can find detailed explanations both about emotional release and about recognizing judgements and much more.

(If there is an interest for it, I might have a link here to pictures of the "therapy-box" and short instructions for building it.)

Denial and Fragmentation

When a person or a soul does or experiences something traumatic, shocking or overwhelming, [traumas] the consciousness or the soul fragments. [soul fragmentation]
In my terminology something traumatic is per definition something you cannot accept, contain or understand, and therefore you push it away or you block it or you try to escape from it. You judge and deny it. In reality what happens is that you push the part of your consciousness and soul, which is having the unpleasant, unacceptable or painful experience, out of your consciousness and maybe completely out of your soul, so that you loose part of your soul-essence. Shamans, [shamanism] healers, clairvoyants, and the like in many different cultures around the planet have probably for thousands of years worked with solving all sorts of problems, including illnesses, by more or less directly and consciously trying to help people bringing back lost or stolen soul fragments to the rightful owner and release the denied pain and remove the mental blockages, that is the unconscious judgemental and locking misunderstandings, in our aura and chakras that hinder us from receiving love, life force, and understandings of ourselves and life directly from the divine.
The most revolutionary about the roughly last 20-25 years of realizations, experiences, and discoveries about denial and fragmentation is the discovery that the lost soul fragments that have been pushed totally out of the soul, can incarnate in independent human bodies, if the fragments are big enough. In that way a soul can fragment into many pieces over time, and many of the fragments of a soul may be incarnated at the same time. People who are related to each other are often fragments of a few souls. The different generations of a family are therefore often fragments of the same few souls. A specific fragment can, of course, incarnate again and again, until the fragment itself fragments further, and the individual fragments become too small and weak to be able to incarnate in a human body. Fragments who are just big enough to be able to incarnate, incarnate for instance as poor and suppressed people in the 3rd world.
In that way denial and fragmentation is the cause of all suffering, misery, suppression, and overpopulation on Earth.
All conflicts and oppositions between people are the result of denial and fragmentation - and therefore a result of unconscious misunderstandings - judgemental and locking misunderstandings.
It is also denial and fragmentation that makes it difficult to remember all our past lives/incarnations.
Denial and fragmentation is also the deeper reason why some people feel that something is missing or lacking in their lives. That is the feeling of being fragmented.
Many people probably feel that they are dependent on things or other people, for instance technology, and therefore engineers and technicians, or medical science and doctors or money, and therefore employers or costumers or breadwinners or others. This dependency is also a result of denial and fragmentation.
Ageing itself and all illness and death are symptoms of denial and fragmentation. I feel that the existence of ageing, illnesses, pain, death, and reincarnation more than anything else is trying to tell us that we have denial and are fragmented. Even the people who seem most happy here on Earth age and die. This simply cannot be the intention. If it was the intention that we should die and reincarnate eternally, then of course we would be able to remember all our past incarnations. So if we were not fragmented, then the cause of the existence of ageing, illnesses, pain, death, and reincarnation would have been something less shocking and overwhelming than soul fragmentation, but then we would have discovered it, understood it, and solved it many thousands of years ago.
Finally it can be added that the existence of reincarnation actually is scientifically proved by the recently deceased professor Ian Stevenson. You can find him on the Internet. He has collected information on more than 3000 people who can remember past lives. From that material he has selected 255 small children, who began speaking about their past incarnation as soon as they learned to speak. He investigated them closely and published the results in a scientific thesis. In all these cases it was proved that the person the child was talking about has existed, and the child knew things about the deceased that it could not have known in another way.

A person who releases denial will experience that problems, conflicts, burdens, pain, fear, anger, illnesses etc. are gradually released or dissolved or transformed into something positive. If you are a lost fragment and your parental fragment or the lost fragment, of whom you are a fragment, realizes and releases the denials with which you were "pushed out" of the person, you will experience it as if problems are "lifted from your shoulders". Sometimes it is necessary that the fragment from whom you were "pushed out" realizes and releases some denials before you can experience release of a certain problem.

A soul that is whole cannot "just" fragment. The reason why we "get mixed up in" unpleasant surprises and traumatic situations, and fragment, is because we are already fragmented. In a few words, we "get mixed up in" the traumatic or unpleasant situations because we get in contact with the denied - that is that which we have misunderstood, judged, and pushed out of the consciousness or the soul, and which is unpleasant, painful or shocking to get in contact with exactly because it is misunderstood, judged, denied and locked in pain, terror, anger etc.

The Creation of Life and The Universe

"Yes, but how did it all start?" You probably ask, and the point and the answer is that we were already fragmented from the start of our existence many thousands or millions of years ago.

In this text I will not give an account of the whole history of the Universe or the Creation or the details of how the whole thing started. That is done very well in some of the books and websites that I refer to in my list of literature at the end of the text. But all souls, at least those who incarnate here on Earth, were fragmented from the start of their existence, because our parents, Father-God and Mother-God, were fragmented from the start of their existence, and from the start of the Creation/Universe in which we live.

Long before the creation of Father-God and Mother-God and the universe in which we live, there was the original divine being. The original divine being is also called The Original Heart because it was a perfect being with total harmony and interplay between the intellect/the masculine/yang/spirit and the emotions/the feminine/yin/will/the emotional body, which made it able to create anything it wanted, and everything happened in an atmosphere of joy and unconditional love. The Original Heart created experiences for itself, among other things, by fragmenting itself, and let the fragments interact until they discovered that they were all fragments of one sole being and merged together again. But in the end The Original Heart had exhausted all possibilities of new experiences in this way. It missed peers or "playmates" with whom to share all the love and bliss. In spite of all its experience and abilities and feelings of love, The Original Heart was, after all, alone, and in the end it could no longer stand the loneliness. Therefore it had to push the intellect/the masculine and the emotions/the feminine so far away from each other that they would never again merge together into one single being. To create as much diversity as possible between the future peers - "The New Hearts" - the explosion was done in a way that also exploded each half, the masculine half and the feminine half, to bits.
Blowing up itself and getting totally fragmented was "simply" the only way The Original Heart could start the creation process, which we are still in, and which will soon lead to the creation of a new bliss-full world, and the creation of us - "the playmates" - The New Hearts. Actually we are the 3rd generation of spiritual or divine beings, and our parents, Father-God and Mother-God, are part of the 2nd generation, but that is explained on at least one of the websites to which I refer in my list of literature.

This means on the other hand that there are parts of ourselves that we have never known, not even in earlier incarnations or before we started incarnating in physical forms. If we have had contact with them, just like all the other fragments we have lost later in the history of our soul, it has been in the form of other humans or beings or creatures that we did not know or understand were parts of ourselves.
This also means that perhaps the most fundamental assumption in almost all psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, religion, and spirituality that one human being is one soul (or one individual), is wrong: A human being is a fragment of a soul.
It also means that deep in our subconsciousness we are all, including the parental fragments, imprinted with the terror of thinking that we are only fragments who have been "kicked out" of God or The Kingdom of God and doomed to eternal perdition. The parental fragment or the root fragment is my word for that particular fragment of a soul, which is the source of, and now the rallying point for all the other fragments - the lost fragments. Some people call it the leading fragment or the parental part, and it must be the same as The Higher Self mentioned by others. The lost fragments may also be divided in categories, but that is outside the scope of this text.
It also means that there are parts of ourselves that were blown up or "crushed by a bulldozer" from the beginning of the creation, and these parts have not yet been able to move and express themselves for what they really are.

Nobody has previously been able to solve this problem, because not even Father-God was ready to confront and understand it. Actually the fragmentation has mostly gotten worse through the ages, and is now getting close to the critical point, where it is no longer possible to heal and survive, because the parental fragments become too small and weak to be able to incarnate in human bodies to recognize and release the denied and integrate all the lost fragments.
Both Father-God and Mother-God are, as mentioned, fragmented. Even Father-God did not realize that he had to allow himself to feel and release everything. Until recently he ignored the denied or tried to push it away or fight it or control it, because he thought it was something outside himself, and not part of himself - something "negative" and unpleasant or an opposition, which he thought he had to fight or maybe even kill, to solve his problems. And yet something inside him kept telling him that he was wrong. Not until the denied and the lost fragments confronted him with the fact that everybody, including himself, would die, if we did not soon start to recognize and release the denied, Father-God woke up to get on with it, and started to recognize and understand himself and why there is so much suffering and death in his creation.
It was not until the middle of World War II that Father-God realized he had co-responsibility for the fact that the situation on Earth was literally going to hell, and that he had to do something to change it. Until then he had thought he could just "sit" and watch, while the human race would begin to understand how to change their situation.
That is why Father-God and Mother-God have not earlier on been able to help us much in solving our problems.
It is also important to understand that we all have free will in this universe, so God cannot just take care of things for us or dictate what we should do for everything to go well for us, because then he would have to hinder us from having the, sometimes quite painful, experiences, which are apparently necessary, so that we can "wake up" and start to recognize ourselves and integrate the denied and create the life and the reality we really want, from all of our heart. Our hearts are, of course, also fragmented, because the heart is the connection between and the union of the intellect/the masculine and the emotions/the life forces/the feminine. We have to learn by experience, supplemented by listening to God and our own feelings. We have not been very good at that until now.
We have, of course, done more or less like Father-God, and we also have to allow ourselves to feel and release everything that comes up from our feelings or subconsciousness. This means that when we experience something unpleasant, painful, overwhelming, shocking, traumatic or the like, we have the choice between realizing the judgements and releasing the denied part that creates the situation, or to deny and fragment further, and till now we have probably mostly chosen to deny further, because we did not understand the situation and did not see it for what it was.

The Great Transformation - The Apocalypse

Through the ages there has been several prophecies about "the end of the world" or "Judgement Day" or the big transformation - The Apocalypse. According to my dictionaries Apocalypse means revelation or disclosure, and nowadays we might say that a medium or a clairvoyant person or a prophet channels a message from God or other spiritual beings. But the word Apocalypse has almost become synonymous with the end (of the world) - that which I would call the transformation (of the world). The most important thing to know about these prophecies is that they are not sealed dooms or destinies. They're not descriptions of something that has to happen in a certain painful way that you cannot do anything about. The intention with the transformation (and the prophecies about it) is not suffering and death, but realizations, release, transformation, healing, and the creation of a new - more coherent - physical and spiritual reality. So how painful it is or will be for you depends a lot on your intention, and in that way your ability to recognize the judgements and release the denied. The pain and suffering primarily come because we unconsciously hold on to our judgements and therefore resist the movement and release of the denied forces. When you realize and release denial, you change your present and your future in a positive way. You may also put it like this: If your feelings give you the impression that the transformation will be painful, then it is a warning of how things will go, if you do not recognize or release any of your denials. So the possible fear or worry about what is going to happen and how it will go is thus a symptom of denial and fragmentation. The purpose of the warnings in the prophecies is not to frighten or judge you, but to try to "awake" the emotions and the process of realization, and help everyone to understand himself or herself and what he or she wants, and merge together with all the other fragments of the same soul. It is also an individual matter how and when it will happen.
Many people have called the transformation "Judgement Day" because of the way it is mentioned in The Revelation to John (and probably also in other places of the Bible), but that is a misunderstanding. The transformation does not imply that God judges us - far from it. The transformation requires that we and God stop judging, which means that we recognize and let go of the judgemental and locking misunderstandings that I have mentioned earlier.

In this text I refer to Jesus Christ, Christianity, and the Bible [the New Testament] several times. The religions generally work as substitutes for, and mental barriers towards, the direct inner individual contact with Father-God, Mother-God etc., because the religions and their followers have each selected their preferred ideas and concepts about God and the divine and rejected all other aspects and/or ideas, and these rigid favourite-notions or judgements stand in the way of the inner personal contact with Father-God, Mother-God etc., because Father-God, Mother-God etc. are far more complex and change and evolve, and have different messages and responses to mankind in different situations and in different periods of time and many different indirect ways of trying to get us to understand ourselves, our lives, and who we are. In a few words, the religions are a far too limited and rigid way of relating to Father-God and Mother-God etc.
In principle, I could have chosen to refer to other religions, but Christianity is the religion I know best, and therefore it feels most natural to refer to that.

Realization, release, and healing are 3 aspects of the same thing. In a few words, the transformation is a soul defragmentation, which means that all the fragments of one soul merge together to form one whole soul. You can also regard it as a global kundalini erection. Eternal life begins in the moment when all your fragments are gathered in one whole soul. You could also call it the real life. In the same process the physical reality is transformed, and what the Bible calls The Kingdom of God, or the new Earth, arises. This new reality is mentioned several times in the Bible, for instance in The Revelation to John chap. 21,v.1-7. A little later in this text, I will say more about the differences between present reality and the new world to come.
If you combine The Revelation to John chap. 7 with chap. 14,v.1-7, it appears that the people who will be saved and get eternal life in the transformation consist of 2 groups. A small particularly selected group of 144,000 people, who can do something very special that nobody else can do, and a large crowd of countless people from all nations:
Chap. 14,v.3: "The 144,000 people stood before the throne, the four living creatures, and the elders; they were singing a new song, which only they could learn. Of all mankind they are the only ones who have been redeemed."
Chap. 7,v.9: "After this I looked, and there was an enormous crowd - no one could count all the people! They were from every race, tribe, nation, and language, and they stood in front of the throne and of the Lamb, dressed in white robes and holding palm branches in their hands."
This is actually consistent with having a small group of people who are parental fragments, and then there is a large host of people who are lost fragments. Therefore it is logical that the transformation - the healing - will lead to the fact that most people on Earth, namely all the lost fragments, "disappear", because they leave or transform their present physical bodies to merge with their parental fragment into one soul in one body.
There are by the way also a lot of people on this planet, who do not belong here at all, and, of course, they shall also disappear from Earth in the transformation, but I will return to this later.
Just like Jesus, the person called John, who wrote The Revelation to John approximately 60 years after the crucifixion of Jesus, was not able to grasp or accept and understand that we are fragmented, and maybe Father-God was not that keen on telling more about it either, because he himself did not really know what he and we should do about it, and therefore there is nothing more concrete about fragmentation in The Revelation to John. This is probably true for the rest of the Bible too, but possible Bible experts may correct me if I am wrong.
On the other hand, the Bible mentions judgements and denial a few times. For instance in The Gospel of Luke chap. 6,v.37, it says: "Do not judge others, and God will not judge you; do not condemn others, and God will not condemn you; forgive others, and God will forgive you."

None of the spiritual traditions and old schools or the religions has the necessary understandings of the phenomena of denial and fragmentation, neither does Christianity, because Jesus and his disciples did not understand it. If Jesus had understood denial and fragmentation at that time, 2000 years ago, then he would not have let anyone crucify him! In that case he would have chosen to recognize and release his denials, thereby creating another path, instead of holding on to his misunderstandings, and thereby getting himself so involved in a conflict with the Jewish high-priests etc. that in the end they had him killed. The reason why the transformation has not happened long ago is "simply" that we have not yet been able to accept and understand denial and fragmentation, if Father-God and Mother-God had understood it at all. We still have some resistance to the process and the new understandings. Somewhat polemically speaking, you might say that we try to avoid becoming divine. That, of course, makes the process a little harder and more painful, and we risk perdition, if we fragment so much that our parental fragment is not strong enough to incarnate in a physical body and release the denial and receive all the lost fragments. This eternal death, paralysis, and immobility is what is called hell, and that must be what is called "the second death" in The Revelation to John (chap. 2,v.11, chap. 20,v.6+v.14 and chap. 21,v.8). This is a state of total and stifling compression, the complete opposite of life, which is a continuous expansion. In this way hell is not so much a punishment. It is "simply" the logical conclusion of judging, that is holding on to your misunderstandings and deny and fragment.
Many people have thought that we can continue to die and reincarnate eternally without having to heal, and approximately as many have feared that we only have one chance - one incarnation to heal. None of these is true understanding, but as mentioned earlier, we are getting close to the limit of how long time we can continue to fragment and die and reincarnate instead of healing.
When a person dies, the spirit, or in my terminology the intellect/the masculine leaves both the body and the emotions/the feminine. The intellect has never really felt that death was real, because the intellect "rises" to the spiritual dimensions, but the emotions/the feminine has always experienced death as very real and very painful, because the emotions cannot "rise" to the spiritual dimensions when the intellect leaves them. The emotions/the feminine is left and abandoned "down here", without the ability to move and express itself - paralysed, until the emotions/the feminine succeeds in "drawing" the spirit/the intellect "down" again in a new incarnation, and again try to heal the conflicts between the intellect and the emotions.

Fragmentation between people

I think the most common is that married couples and lovers are fragments of 2 separate souls, and that the 2 souls are soul mates - or twin souls, and that their possible children are fragments of the same 2 souls, at least when the 2 parties of the relationship have freely chosen each other. This also explains the beautiful idea or sensation, which for instance married couples can have that they will be together eternally.
A person may be a mixture of fragments from more than one soul. First and foremost, this is due to an old idea that you can keep or maintain the attachment or connection of another person or soul, by "borrowing" or steeling fragments from the person/soul. This quite unfortunate idea is, of course, driven by fear, confusion, doubt, insecurity, jealousy, inferiority feelings, lacking of feeling of who you are etc. Even though the idea emerged before we "descended" to the physical dimensions, there are many people who, mostly unconsciously, still practise it nowadays. This leads to rigid, limiting, and suffocating "equivocal" relationships, mutual dependency, and love-hate-relations between the involved, and relationships where the person who has stolen fragments seems to have an almost mysterious or demonic power or control over the other person who has given away the fragments. Of course, all this has to be recognized and released so that we can transform and thereby survive our own creation. My list of literature also mentions a book about these problems and how shamans can help people recover stolen fragments.
When some characteristics, qualities, abilities, problems etc. are seen both in parents and their children, it is often discussed whether the cause is primarily inheritance, that is the genes, or primarily the environment, that is the upbringing, but there is a third factor which probably normally is the most decisive factor. The point is that fragments who are similar for better or for worse or who have a common past or karma, [karmic connections] automatically and magnetically are attracted to each other, because emotions are magnetic, whether the emotions are accepted and understood or not-accepted, misunderstood, and denied, so when children of musicians also become musicians, or if children of alcoholics also become alcoholics etc., then it is not so much a question of inheritance or environment, but more because these fragments have more or less the same wishes, desires, and judgements and denials, and, therefore, attract each other, and need each other, to fulfil themselves and/or get in contact with and recognize and release the denied parts of themselves.
When people are unfaithful or want a divorce, it is normally because they start to miss some of the aspects/qualities/characteristics/forces/etc. that are located in fragments other than the partner or lover. It is a little tragicomical that when people are jealous, they are, in one way or the other, jealous of other parts of themselves. Normally rivals are fragments of the same soul. Competition between fragments also expresses itself as the competitive aspect of the capitalistic market economy. The solution to these kinds of problems is, of course, also recognition, release, and transformation.

Whole souls

When the soul becomes whole, we have direct contact with all our emotions, abilities, life forces, and creative forces, including "magical" forces and abilities, such as the ability to change form or transform our surroundings in accordance with our feelings, desires, and needs, and therefore we need not work to earn a living or to get what we want. If, for instance, we are hungry, the hunger itself and the recognition that we are hungry, will be the force that magically creates food "out of thin air", so in The Kingdom of God, or that which some people would call paradise, there is neither money nor industry nor military or weapon for that matter. Actually technology is generally a substitute for abilities and forces that we are supposed to have inside ourselves. To change our surroundings directly with our thoughts and emotions must be the ultimate form of recycling and environmental protection - or sustainable development, as it is called nowadays. At the same time, The Kingdom of God is a world that continuously expands, as a result of our creative urge and continuously expanding consciousness and (life)forces. In The Kingdom of God there are, of course, no living beings that kill other living beings to eat them, as a large part of mankind does now, or for any other reason for that matter. These "bad habits" must be dropped if you wish to survive the transformation. Even the predators on Earth must stop killing and eating meat sooner or later if they wish to survive the transformation.
The first time we "descended" or for some of us "fell down" and became physical, we actually had the abilities I mention here, but because of our lack of experience and understanding of ourselves, our emotions, and our experiences, we lost them and fragmented further, and ageing, death, and reincarnation began. The detailed story about that can be found in some of the books and websites I refer to in my list of literature at the end of this text. The land to which we "descended" is called the land of Pan, or Pangea, or just Pan. It was like a fairytale of magic and poetry and music, and the Earth will be like that again in the future, when we have transformed and healed our souls. According to one of the sources I refer to in my list of literature, Pan is now under the Pacific Ocean.

Actually we have always created our own reality. It just does not always feel like that, because the parts of ourselves that we have misunderstood, denied, and maybe even fragmented totally out of ourselves, create all the unpleasant experiences, all the unsatisfying experiences, and all that which we have not yet understood - all that which many people try to work against, fight against, stifle or run away from. It should be allowed to move and express itself to be able to transform and either be integrated in ourselves or be released, so that it can go to where it belongs.

There are no opposites between whole souls. 2 real truths or heartfelt wishes and desires cannot get into conflict with each other. So to speak there is room for everybody in The Kingdom of God, mind you everybody who wishes to live in that way. Or else it would be in conflict with the intention that The Original Heart put into the process it initiated by blowing up itself. Later in this text I will write more about those who do not wish to live like in The Kingdom of God, for instance here on Earth. I feel that faith is when you can feel the intention of The Original Heart, and therefore also the intention and desire to heal. I feel that it is this faith or intention and desire to heal that will make it possible to heal - or save your soul, as it is called in the Bible and Christianity.

When you become whole, you become able to feel unconditional love and joy, and you become able to involve yourself fully in other people/souls and joint activities/experiences/projects/ideas etc., because you no longer have any judgemental misunderstandings to create a deadlock, denial, limitations, separations, opposites, and fragmentation. While you are in the transformation, it becomes harder and harder to create by effort, as many people often do, or, in other words; the intellect pressures and forces the body and the emotions to follow its plans, ideas, and misconceptions and thereby denies the body and the emotions. In that way you are fighting against Mother-God's dream and the innermost desires of your own feelings, and that is doomed to failure or to lead to spiritual suicide sooner or later. Many people try to involve themselves in life and other people as if they were already whole souls with eternal life, but we are not, and in that way you easily get caught up in pain, which then has to be released. The transformation is exactly about releasing the judgements that have created the locked denied fragmented forms, and most people are exactly lost fragments. You cannot transform fully as long as you have part of your energy and attention projected into the current locked denied fragmented forms.
You may also put it like this: If you hold on to the forms that will disappear, then you will disappear with them. You cannot in the long run involve yourself in something or someone in a way that maintains or worsens the fragmentation.

The transformation is a comprehensive process. In one of the sources I refer to in my list of literature it says, among other things, more or less the following about the process: The expansion that our emotions, life forces, consciousness, and understandings must go through to heal, is something you have to experience to understand. You may also put it like this: We have to accelerate our vibration to a much higher frequency to survive and be able to live eternally. Our vibration, and with that our life, existence, consciousness, and creative forces, has almost stopped.
The process may also be seen or experienced more or less as a birth or rebirth - and you do not involve yourself in all sorts of things while giving birth or having labour pains. The Revelation to John chap. 9-11 also uses the concept labour pains about some of the things that are going to happen during the transformation.

Denial spirits and warriors

Our confusion and misunderstandings of ourselves and life and death and our denial of our emotions and life forces are so extensive that we have even drawn spirits, who do not at all want to live, down here on Earth. They are called denial spirits or asuras. They are the ones that some people would call demons or the like. Denial spirits deny and reject everything. They even deny the fact that they have never wanted to live. They do not aim at experiencing love or joy. They only strive for power over others, as a kind of revenge, in anger of having been born. They will never be able to belong here on Earth. They do not even belong in this universe. They will always just try to deny the feelings and desires of others. Almost automatically and unconsciously they try to create fear, doubt, confusion, sense of guilt, discord, division, and distance between people etc. by threatening, lying, deceiving, and terrorizing where they can get away with it. They have entered into our universe through the gaps and voids that are present where the intellect and the emotions have been separated, either from the beginning, when The Original Heart blew itself to pieces, and thereby the connection between the intellect and the emotions, or later. Our feelings could sense what denial spirits are and what we shall do about their presence right from the start, but the intellect could not accept the response from the emotions, and we denied our emotions. In this way we have undermined our own forces and the ability to feel how everything we experience should be understood to such an extent that we are getting near self-effacement.
Denial spirits do not only manifest themselves as human beings, but in all forms. Illness-causing organisms such as viruses are for instance also denial spirits, but this does not change the fact that it is the judgemental and locking misunderstandings that create and maintain the gaps between the intellect and the emotions, and therefore they are the most interesting phenomenon, and not so much the unpleasant occurrences, such as illnesses, violence, accidents, and death that take place in these gaps or voids, and which cannot take place in any other place. As earlier mentioned denial and fragmentation, and thereby the judgemental and locking misunderstandings are the real causes of illnesses, pain, ageing, and death. Medical science, the health services, and the pharmaceutical industry are only occupied with manipulating and neutralizing the symptoms. The deeper meaning of the symptoms is to bring you in contact with the denied parts of yourself and trigger you to realize your judgements and release the denied emotions and (life)forces. Because medicine manipulates or chokes the symptoms, it may make it even harder to realize and release the denial. Therefore medicine should be regarded as something you primarily use temporarily to alleviate symptoms, if you need a pause in the process of realization and release.
One of the most shocking or startling matters, which Father-God has had to spend a lot of time to accept and understand is that even some of the beings that are called angels are denial spirits, namely the group of angels that we could call the purely masculine/intellectual angels, who emerged without a feminine/emotional side or half, and they have not wanted to get it, although Mother-God has offered it to them. Therefore you may call them numb and without compassion, and therefore they do not have a heart, because The Heart is the connection between and the union of the masculine/the intellect and the feminine/the emotions. But they are good at imitating love, which means saying and doing things that are intended to make it look as if they were loving, although they have the same objective as all other denial spirits: To kill all life in the universe.
It was the denial spirits and their leader who, when they arrived in Pan, introduced the phenomenon that living beings kill other living beings to eat them, and even though we were shocked and terrified by the sight of it, we let them persuade us to do the same. Again we denied our emotions. Until then no living being here on Earth had eaten anything but that which manifested itself with the sole purpose of being eaten.
The leader of the denial spirits also told us that we should try to make our own light and life forces, instead of receiving it from Father-God and Mother-God, but it is not possible to live without receiving light from Father-God and life forces from Mother-God. [the light of life, the light of God] "Light" should here be understood as "spiritual light", which means consciousness, love, joy, vibration etc., and not just physical light, such as sunlight or electrical light.
This is somewhat intricate, because even though the denial spirits do not belong in this universe, some of their leaders are fragments of Father-God himself, and they do very much belong in this universe. The most well known lost fragment of Father-God is Lucifer. He is the one called the devil or Satan in the Bible. It is interesting that Lucifer actually means light-bearer or light-bringer. Lucifer tries to destroy and kill everything in the universe in anger because he did not succeed in taking Father-God's place and role. The realization that Father-God's worst opposition and rivals are fragments of himself is probably the most important realization Father-God has ever got. In this way he understood why he could not solve his and our problems by subjecting to Lucifer or by killing him or "kicking" him out of the universe. It is like "being between the devil and the deep blue sea".
As mentioned earlier, it is our judgements and denials that have made it possible for the denial spirits to enter the Earth and stay here until now. Father-God has earlier tried to remove denial spirits and move souls that do not belong here on Earth, but every time we have drawn them back here because of our denials. In the ongoing transformation Father-God, Mother-God, and Mother-Earth will remove the denial spirits and their leaders from the Earth and send them to where they belong. We who wish to live must then recognize our judgements and release our denials in order not to be lost with them. For us who wish to live, the right place of the denial spirits will be what we call hell. For them it will be paradise.

A group of spirits, who will also be moved from Earth in this process, are called the warriors because they love to fight. Contrary to the denial spirits, the warriors really do want to live, but they have so serious denials and inner conflicts that they see or create conflicts or "dangers" everywhere they go, and they do not belong here on Earth either. The warriors came down here to Earth before the denial spirits. They are here because they got lost. They just have not wanted to admit this. Probably not even to themselves, because they fear that there might not be a place for them. Instead they claim that they are here to protect us against the "dangers" that they have actually brought with them down here. They believe that Father-God is unapproachable, and therefore they demand or take what they want from others, instead of asking God to give it to them. In this way they made us reward them with gifts and services to "protect" us against the "dangers" that they themselves had brought here. This was the first hesitant beginnings of that which has later led to the existence of money, wage earning, bills etc. in general and the collection of "money for protection" etc. done by criminal Mafia-like organizations in particular.
According to some sources, the warriors are holding many of the positions of power on Earth nowadays, because they are interested in power and competition and in feeling superior, and not so much in love, freedom, equality, cooperation, and such.
The warriors also said that nobody is supposed to hear directly from God, instead God has sent them to lead Earth. It is because of this deception that we have hierarchical power apparatuses like for instance The Roman Catholic Church, which seeks monopoly on God and the access to God and all free thinking in general, and therefore they carried out the inquisition through approximately 500 years, to exterminate all "competition" and all free thinking in general. If we were not still able to reincarnate, they probably would have succeeded. Many of the ordinary Catholic priests, nuns, monks etc. probably have the best intentions, but the creation of such a hierarchical power-monopolization organization is definitely not in agreement with the intentions of Jesus Christ.
The warriors did what they could to make us feel that our fairytale-land (the land of Pan) was daft, ridiculous, and unreal. Of course, they only succeeded because of our denials, that is, our misunderstandings and accompanying fear, confusion, doubt, insecurity, sense of guilt, pain etc.

There are also other types of souls and spiritual beings here on Earth, who do not belong here, so if you do not really feel at home here on Earth, it may be because the situation here on Earth has gotten so far away from what it was meant to be, because we are fragmented, but it can also be because your home is actually somewhere else.

As an example of the somewhat paradoxical logic that controls denial and denial spirits, I will mention contraceptives and abortion. Contraceptives and abortion are not a denial of life. To ban or oppose free access to contraceptives and abortion is actually a denial of life. God has given us all a free will, so if a woman or for that sake a man can feel that it is not the right time or right situation in general to have a child, this feeling has to be released and expressed in accordance with what I write in the chapter "Emotional Release in Theory and Practice". Or else you are suffocating yourself. Actually the feeling that it is not a good idea to have a child right now can be a signal from the soul or the fragment or a denial spirit, which you are drawing into incarnation, that it does not want to be born here and now. The biggest opponents of free access to contraceptives and abortion are, therefore, denial spirits and warriors. The denial spirits because they are furious about having been forced into a physical body, and therefore they try to take revenge by trying to deny the needs and feelings of others and try to force them to do something they do not want to do, and thereby hinder the free will with which God originally created us. Many warriors are also opponents of free access to contraceptives and abortion, because, probably unconsciously, they are afraid not to be able to stay here on Earth, if we start controlling who are allowed to enter. Actually we should do this to force them to find there right home. It is neither for their or our benefit that they are here on Earth.

Many people have thought that you have to respect all life. This is not entirely true. You have to respect life that respects life, that is all life that seeks life, all life that seeks accept. Denial spirits do not respect life and do not seek accept or reciprocity, and sometimes warriors do not either. It is exactly denial spirits and those they have seduced who use the argument "that you have to respect all life" when they fight against free access to contraceptives and abortion and probably also in other situations, and thereby they fight against the free will with which God has created us, and which is a prerequisite for eternal life.
All this does not mean that murderers are necessarily denial spirits or warriors. Murderers can also be fragments or parts of souls who deep down are loving and want to live, and the ones they kill can be fragments of the same soul or a soul whom they in fact love. It is all a matter of how far out of balance your judgements and denials have brought you and how little or how much intention and desire to recognize oneself etc. is present in the 2 parties - "the murderer" and "the victim". The tragicomical aspect of the matter is, that the one who is the victim in one incarnation could become the murderer in the next incarnation and vice versa.

Sex, children, and kundalini erection

In a few words, most souls and spiritual beings were created or emerged by Father-God and Mother-God making love and having orgasms.
I feel that it is best to postpone having children till after the transformation. By then we may have all the children we want without the risk of fragmenting further or in other ways delay or complicate our transformation or make it more painful or risky then necessary. This is connected with what I have written earlier that you cannot in the long run involve yourself in the present forms of life in a way that maintains or worsens the fragmentation. According to The Gospel of Luke chap. 23,v.28-29, Jesus said, while he was carrying the cross through the streets of Jerusalem on his way to the crucifixion: "Women of Jerusalem! Don't cry for me, but for yourselves and your children. For the days are coming when people will say, 'How lucky are the women who never had children, who never bore babies, who never nursed them!' "
Whether a child is conceived or not, sex is probably the most intense and comprehensive creation process you can involve yourself in. Therefore the problem with sex is that the denied parts of ourselves also participate in the process and create something that is also in a state of denial, and therefore it seems to be against us. As long as we have denial, sex creates more denial and maybe even fragmentation. Theoretically it is therefore best not to have sex until the healing process is over. This means that there is an aspect of truth in the religions and spiritual schools etc., which preach sexual continence. But if you deny sex-desire to avoid having sex, then it is also a denial that hinders the healing process... Father-God has had to contemplate this paradox that seems to make healing impossible, for a long time. Finally he discovered that it is your intention that determines whether you can heal or not, and not whether you have sex or not.

Experiencing a paradox - that you have to "be between the devil and the deep blue sea" - and that the intention and the desire for healing makes the difference between being able to heal or not, is fundamentally true in every conflict between the intellect and the emotions, which means in every denial.

For people who are aware of the situation we are in and who want to transform, sexuality can even become the transforming power that can accelerate the vibration frequency of the body and the emotions so that the body and the emotions finally transform into light and can merge together with the parental fragment or other fragments of the same soul. If so the sexuality in a way becomes a kind of emotional and bodily releasing therapy. But on the assumption that you are ready to recognize and release all the ideas that most people seem to have about trying to realize yourself and your dreams by projecting your energy into the current locked denied fragmented forms. As mentioned before, most people are lost fragments, and therefore also in a rigid and denied form.
In other words: Sexuality is the kundalini force, [the kundalini energy] and you can either block its movement and thereby push it out in further fragmentation or you can let it accelerate you up to a vibration frequency where you can merge with other fragments of yourself. If you awake or trigger the kundalini force, you have to be ready to transform, because if you trigger the process and then block the emotional forces by holding on to your judgements, you may cause great damage and illnesses and pain in the body, and if you take it to its logical conclusion, you could actually die from it. It roughly corresponds to driving a car and stepping on the brake and the accelerator at the same time. A snake often symbolizes the kundalini force, and it is right that it can "bite" you, but only if you consciously or unconsciously try to block it, and thereby block your own ascension or resurrection as it would also be called in Christianity. Remember that the alternative to spiritual transformation will sooner or later be eternal death and paralysis.
The things I write here do not depend on being heterosexual or monogamous or subjecting yourself to other limitations that different ideas or judgements have tried to impose on sexuality and love. Nobody has the right to decide how others should express love and life forces or which experiences others need or want on their path. The very idea that you may only have one sex partner, lover, or spouse is based on the misunderstanding that a human being is a whole soul, and not "just" a fragment of a soul. There are many judgements about sex, love, and relationship, and accompanying fear, pain, sorrow, sense of guilt, doubt, confusion etc. It is on time to realize and release all this, not only to make life a little easier and more bearable, but also to be able to survive your own creation at all, and create the life you really want with your whole soul.
Neither is it necessary that the man holds back or controls the sperm to prevent ejaculation as Taoism and the tantric spiritual traditions sometimes formulate it. [tantra, tantric sex, Taoistic sex] This easily becomes a denial, just like denying sex desire to avoid having sex. But if it feels natural not to ejaculate, then follow that feeling by all means. That will make it a lot easier for the energy to rise up through your chakras and accelerate and expand body and soul. Men can experience more orgasms and more powerful orgasms and feel more pleasure and love if they do not waste their life forces in ejaculation, and, of course, women also get more out of it if they choose to let the life forces transform. As long as we are fragmented, ejaculation is a symptom of "hitting" an unconscious mental barrier, which means a denial. There is nothing "wrong" or "embarrassing" about that. Everybody have denials, even Father-God, Mother-God, and the Heart, [the Heart of God, the Heart-Son, the Heart of Mother-God, the Heart-Daughter] and we have to get in contact with them in some way, to be able to release them, and contraceptives have been invented. It is most decisive that you have the intention and desire to recognize and release your denials in order to expand, accelerate, and transform, and heal your soul and your partner. Parallel to all this, ovulation and menstruation in women are symptoms that they "hit" a denial. The reason why the menopause is quite unpleasant for some women is that, unconsciously, they fight the transformation.
To sum up in a few words: Judgements, misunderstandings, denials lead to ejaculation, ovulation, and menstruation and thereby to illness, pain, ageing, death, reincarnation, and fragmentation.

Sex is just one of the ways in which the kundalini force can be awoken. There are also techniques, for instance within yoga, which have the purpose to awake the kundalini force without the need for a partner, and some people might even awake it by telling themselves: "I am the resurrection and the life." It may also be awoken spontaneously, without having a conscious or concrete desire for it. (By the way there is an association here in Denmark for people who have had kundalini experiences - see the list of literature.)
My own kundalini erection was awoken some years before I first heard about denial and fragmentation. This meant that I was "thrown out into" the process without having the tools and understandings I needed to understand myself and my situation and release the denials and thereby solve my problems. That was a very intense and shocking experience, and for several years I felt almost schizophrenic, split between my "old" personality and idea about who I was, what I wanted, and how I would achieve it, and a new, quite diffuse, vague, and uncertain idea about another future. Between the 2 ideas or personalities there was a "bomb crater" of chaos, terror, horror, shock, pain, anger, confusion etc., and accompanying judgements and inner pictures of death and disaster. In the first years I had nothing else to "cling to" but my faith in God and an accompanying feeling that there had to be some kind of meaning with all this horror, terror, and pain, and the seemingly impossible situation that I felt I was in. My situation was somewhat similar to being thrown out into the deep water in an ocean I did not know the existence of, without being able to swim and without knowing for sure if it is possible to swim.
Seen in the rear-view mirror, I feel fortunate that during the whole process I had an intuitive sensation that all this pain must be part of the spiritual transformation that I myself had wanted, and that, intuitively, I knew that I should not seek help in psychiatry or the like. Psychiatry and most psychologists and other therapists do not understand denial and fragmentation, and therefore neither the spiritual dimension - or Pandora's box you could call it, which I have opened up for, and which I think many so-called psychiatric patients are in contact with. The medicine, psychoactive drugs, can only affect the symptoms, not the cause, and this may make it even harder to recognize and release the denials that are the cause of the symptoms. I have a friend who was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital when he was young, and after that he was given different types of psychoactive drugs for a number of years. Later he told me that it was not until he totally stopped taking medicine that he could start thinking clearly and begin to try to solve his problems. As earlier mentioned, medicine is in principle only an option if you need a temporary alleviation or pause in the process of recognition and release. The crucial element is as always your intention, and, of course, it is a big advantage if you have the understandings to which this text is an introduction.
I hope that by reading this text and maybe the sources I refer to in my list of literature other people can avoid some of the extreme emotional experiences that I have been through.

List of literature

This text is only a short and concentrated introduction. If you want to read more about denial, fragmentation, release/redemption, realizing judgements, the future, the past, God/the divine, the different types of souls and spiritual beings etc., I can recommend the following books and websites:

  1. The website of Process Coach Torben Staal: (in Danish)

  2. (in English with a little in Spanish (castellano/español) and German (deutsch))

  3. "Calling Home the Fragments of Our Souls" by Uma Thunderbear, 1999. She experiences merging with her fragments in a quite concrete way. In paragraph no. 8 (of 11) there was an unfinished sentence that I have tried to correct.

  4. "Right Use of Will - Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body" (often abbreviated RUOW) by Ceanne DeRohan, 1984, 1986, Four Winds Publications. It is the first book in a series of 8 books that should be read in chronological order. Ceanne DeRohan also has a website:

  5. "The Wholly Bible: What I Intended - Jesus, The Christed" by I.M. Hart (pseudonym), 1995, HeartHouse Publishers, PO Box 1795, North Bend, WA 98045-1795. I have a little doubt about whether this source is as clear and exact as the others I mention here.

  6. Besides that, you can read about when people "borrow" or steel fragments from each other, about all the problems and pain it creates, and about how shamans can help you get back your fragments, in books like for instance "Soul Recovery and Extraction" by Ai Gvhdi Waya, Blue Turtle Publishing, PO Box 2513, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. (Other books use the term soul retrieval.)

  7. In Denmark there is an association for people who have had kundalini experiences. It is called "Foreningen Kundalini netværk og information", and has the following homepage:

If you want to receive possible news from me about the transformation or the like, for instance if I develop this text further, or if you want to get in contact with me for other reasons, mail me at  Image showing my e-mail address .

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