What is Personal and Spiritual Evolution

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Version 1.10, March the 14th, 2011

To evolve might be defined in several ways, but it can certainly be defined as gaining or regaining (new) parts or aspects of oneself and life.

In few words, the reason that these parts of ourselves are not already integrated in ourselves and our life is, because at some point in time we have accidentally judged or condemned – and thus misunderstood – them. In that way we have not only denied those parts of ourselves and life and pushed them away from us – out of the awareness – and shut them out. We have also locked them in the denied state. Popularly speaking, we have put them in ‘jail’ or suffocated them in a sort of mental ‘straitjackets’. In other words: Our judgments – our judgmental misunderstandings – work as a kind of straitjackets that keep the denied parts of ourselves in the state in which the judgments believe ‘that is how they are’. This means that our (unconscious) judgments force those parts of ourselves to express themselves within the conditions of how the judgments – the misconceptions – say they are. And that is obviously an extremely tragic paradox.

So the only way a human can really evolve is by realizing and releasing the judgmental misunderstandings and thereby allowing the condemned and denied parts of ourselves to move, express themselves, redeem themselves, change and transform themselves from something “negative” and uncomfortable or painful into something positive and enjoyable which they were originally created to be. This means that we necessarily get in contact with all the painful states that our convictions have kept those parts of ourselves in, i.e. we experience anxiety, pain, anger, worry, doubt, confusion, despair and paradoxes – where we apparently have to “be between the devil and the deep blue sea” etc.etc.

The parts of ourselves that we deny are our emotional forces, and emotions are magnetical. So the denied feelings magnetically try to drag us – our consciousness – to themselves and into themselves, to be released. The emotions cannot be redeemed without the acceptance and presence of the spirit – the consciousness – the intellect. Therefore it is important to let yourself be ‘dragged’ into the pain – the emotions, and then redeem them by allowing them to make us aware of the (unconscious) judgments that keeps them stuck in the painful condition and then recognize and release the judgments.

That’s evolution!

I summarize it briefly in the following way in my text The Transformation – about mankind’s situation and possibilities here at my website www.transformation.dk :

” An evolutionary process has 2 main aspects:

  1. To recognize and release the judgmental misunderstandings, also known as judgments.

  2. To let the denied, misunderstood emotions and life forces move, express themselves, release, change, and transform from being something “negative” and unpleasant or painful into something positive and pleasant and powerful. “

(Here I have changed the wording slightly compared to the current version of the above mentioned text.)

Unfortunately, our intellect and our subconsciousness is full of conscious and unconscious judgments which exactly claim that all which at first is uncomfortable or painful or troubling or disturbing or shocking etc. to get in contact with, must be smothered or kept under control – that is, it must not move or express itself – or it must be shut out, or we have to try to ‘run’ away from it or keep it at a disance or ignore it or try to manipulate our way of looking at it, so we can pretend that it is not there or that it is something else than it really is etc.etc. That is probably mankind’s greatest tragedy or scourge, because it means that we are actually often fighting against our own evolution. So there are plenty of what we could call intellectual traps during the course of an evolutionary process. Many people will probably even claim that the ideas which in fact are their judgmental misunderstanding, are survival strategies and objectives which are necessary or important to stick to.

I can also explain it another way: Many people try to realize themselves by means of effort, that is by disciplining, subjugating, and forcing themselves and their emotions, instead of taking the time and sincerity towards oneself that is needed to recognize and release the judgments in order to allow the forces that they really need to fulfil themselves, to move and unfold. Again a tragic paradox!

For example: When people comfort eat and become fat, it’s because they try to fill the void where their emotional forces would have been if not their judgements had stifled, denied, and compressed them. If then you discipline yourself to eat healthier and exercise more, then it is an artificial improvement that almost inevitably sooner or later will ‘collapse’ again as a soufflé, and then automatically you start eating and living just as unhealthy as before…!

Something similar can be said about many peoples relation to for instance cigarettes and alcohol, etc.

Everything that I explain here means that everything that is unpleasant, painful, troubling, disturbing, shocking, etc. are reflections of our denials, and all the problems of humanity will at some point evolve to a point where they only can be solved by recognizing and letting go of the judgmental misunderstandings and let the denied forces unfold freely.

I hope you can benefit from my experience, but questions, comments, etc. are of course welcome – see the top of the screen/page.


Henrik Rosenø
(or: Roseno, Rosenoe)

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This post is available in: Dansk English

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