Satanic Gala with Hollywood celebrities...

This page could originally be found on That page has since been deleted, but you can still find it on the Internet Archive here:
The only change I have made below is to rearrange the order of the photos and delete 3 doublets, so there are now 57 photos.
You can find an analysis of the Satanic, pedophile, and cannibalistic nature of this Hollywood 'Gala' here: LEAKED: Hollywood PEDO Party Pics EXCLUSIVE Exposed (video).
There is also an article about the gala on, from November 2011, including a few photos that are not below: Losing Our Appetites: Pictures from Marina Abramovic's MOCA Gala
Over 400 photos of celebrity participants, with their names, are available on GettyImages: CA: 2011 MOCA Gala - An Artist's Life Manifesto, Directed By Marina Abramovic - Red Carpet
Another relevant video on the subject: MILEY CYRUS EXPOSES PIZZAGATE IN HOLLYWOOD

Henrik Rosenø