Is it the creator’s intention that there should exist ageing, disease, pain and death?

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If you want to solve that mystery, first you have to discover or realize that either you can let your mind create ideas about the question or you can let your emotions respond to the question. It is important to understand that our intellect can get mixed up in unlimited quantities of spin – self-delusions – castles in the air – or worlds of imagination, so our only chance to really understand something, like ourselves, life and death, the creator and the universe, etc., is by becoming able to feel what is good and right. Being able to feel if something feels good and right, is the only way we can really determine if something is good and right. Things have to be logically coherent of course, but it is often our feelings that tell us if something is incoherent – logically or factually. You might say that our feelings is the ‘litmus paper’ that can tell us whether an idea or an allegation is true, partially true or completely false. But it might be necessary to spend a lot of time and energy to discover unconscious judgmental and locking misconceptions – i.e. spin – self-delusions – or misunderstandings – also known as judgments – which limit or impede our ability to listen to our feelings. But if you are able to be sincere with yourself and your feelings, then gradually you will be able to discover and let go of the unconscious judgments – or mental limitations – and then gradually your emotions can express more and more clear answers and responses to your questions, ideas, problems and dilemmas.

If then you ask yourself and your feelings if it is the creator’s intention that there should exist ageing, disease, pain and death, then you will be able to feel that of course it is not! But in return you will get in contact with a lot of internal conflicts between opposing judgments and associated pain, despair, anxiety, anger, doubt, confusion, etc., which must be released in order to move forward.

But in reality that answer is quite obvious – even purely logically. A loving and intelligent creator will, of course, not try to force us into something we don’t think feels good and right! And I don’t think that ageing, illness, pain and death feels good and right. On the contrary! And therefore, many years ago, I have decided to dedicate my life to finding out why these things still exist, to be able to work intentionally to abolish them once and for all.

My experience so far with that work is, that it is primarily a process of realization and release with 2 main aspects:

  1. To realize and release judgmental misunderstandings, also known as judgments.

  2. To let the denied, misunderstood emotions and life forces move, express themselves, release, change, expand, and transform from being something “negative” and unpleasant or painful into something positive and pleasant and powerful.

This is further described and explained in my text The Transformation – about mankind’s situation and possibilities here on my website.

If we and the universe were created by a both loving and intelligent creator, then we and the universe are, of course, also created in a way so that we are able to gain understanding of everything we really want to understand, by recognizing and releasing the unconscious judgments, which stand in the way of receiving answers through our inner intuitive direct connection to God the Father and God the Mother.

In other words: How could we exist if there is no creator (or 2 creators), and how can we have consciousness, thoughts, feelings, desires, intentions, morals, intelligence, etc., if not exactly because we were created by loving and intelligent beings, who have all the same qualities and aspects? – And all the same problems! And why would there exist both men and women if there is not both a Father-God and a Mother-God? That does not make sense, and it does not feel right. How can there possibly exist a universe if there wasn’t a creator (or 2)? It is often said that “nothing comes from nothing” and the laws of physics say about the same, just with different words, so how could an entire universe emerge all by itself – by a mere chance, and without a creator who has certain intentions with it? That does not seem well thought out. It does not feel right. At least it does not make sense in my mind and my emotions.

If hypothetically we assume that there is no creator, then everything must be a matter of chance, and then it is pure luck that life emerged and still exists, and then sooner or later everything will collapse and perish in chaos and pain. And that just doesn’t feel right to me. It makes no sense. It is almost an irrelevant hypothesis. Because if everything is at random and we will perish anyway sooner or later, then we will not really succeed with anything ever. Then, life is basically a ceaseless struggle against a relentlessly increasing entropy – the physics term for disorder or that everything is constantly decomposing – or eroding – or cooling, and then there is no real solution to all our problems.

Some might say: “But if there are 2 loving and intelligent creators – God the Father and God the Mother – then why are there so much suffering and so many problems in the world?” The answer to that is, in principle, simple: We have all been given the free will by God the Father and God the Mother, so they cannot force us to want to understand ourselves and our situation, even though that is a necessity for survival in the long run… So the primary cause of all our problems, including those which most people seem to have given up trying to solve, such as the existence of ageing and death-loss of memory-reincarnation, is, in a few words, that we have not wanted to recognize and let go of our judgmental and locking misunderstandings, and thus get in touch with God the Father and God the Mother through our feelings – our intuition. One may also say that Father-God and Mother-God have chosen to let us learn through experience, because that is the only way you can really learn or understand anything.

Some might still say: “I do not believe in God or a Creator or God the Father and God the Mother.” No…, but that does not change the fact that everyone who wants to exist, are children of, or otherwise emerged from, God the Father and God the Mother, whether they want to recognize them or not. But contrary to our biological parents, you can not survive in the long run if you do not want to have contact with God the Father and God the Mother – our true parents. It is their universe, so they obviously have ‘the principal right’ to be here.

Some might say: “I do not believe in reincarnation!” – No, but if you really want to understand yourself (and life and death, God and the universe, etc.), then sooner or later you will get in contact with memories from past lives. You can not understand yourself and your present and future without understanding your past and origin, so the only thing you achieve by rejecting reincarnation is to be unable to really understand the unconscious mechanisms that create all problems and limitations in your current life – that which is also known as karma, and is actually caused by our unconscious judgmental misunderstandings. I can also quote a paragraph from my text The Transformation

“Finally it can be added that the existence of reincarnation actually is scientifically proved by the recently deceased professor Ian Stevenson. You can find him on the Internet. He has collected information on more than 3000 people who can remember past lives. From that material he has selected 255 small children, who began speaking about their past incarnation as soon as they learned to speak. He investigated them closely and published the results in a scientific thesis. In all these cases it was proved that the person the child was talking about has existed, and the child knew things about the deceased that it could not have known in another way.”

Some might even say that it is meant to be, that we must continue to die and reincarnate, but if it was the intention of a loving and intelligent creator, that we should die and reincarnate ad infinitum (indefinitely), then of course we would be able to remember all our past incarnations like if it was yesterday. In contrast, loss of memory (amnesia) is the result of traumatic experiences, so dying and reincarnating is apparently a rather traumatic experience for most people. And a loving and intelligent creator would, of course, not desire or decide that we must suffer that again and again. So again the conclusion is somewhat obvious: The existence of ageing and death, etc., is, because there is something we have not yet understood – something we have misunderstood.

To die and reincarnate again and again, as we have done it for a long time, is somewhat like an old LP record, which has a nick, so that it runs in the same groove again and again. Just as the groove gets deeper and deeper, and harder and harder to get by, it becomes harder and harder for us to see or feel that it is obviously not the intention of the creator that we must continue to die and reincarnate forever and ever.

When someone says to me: “I do not believe in God” or “I do not believe in reincarnation” or “Surely we all have to die”, or the like, then often I feel that actually they are saying something like: “I don’t have the energy to try to understand myself and God, etc.” or “I don’t have the energy to take responsibility for myself and my mistakes and misunderstandings.” The problem is that in a larger perspective it is a strategy for spiritual suicide. So you and your soul can not survive that in the long run.

My text The Transformation – about mankind’s situation and possibilities here at my website contains the best – and only – explanation have been able to find, of why there exist aging, disease, pain, death-loss of memory-reincarnation, etc., and my idea of how we can abolish it once and for all, and why these things have existed for so many years without us being able to figure out why. But if you have another theory, feeling or experience, don’t hesitate to write about it in the comments-field below or send me a mail – see the top of the page.

Finally, I would like to mention that we can neither do without the intellect nor the emotions, because it is the intellect that asks questions and brings new ideas, so without it we would ‘idle’ and stall, and thereforealso perish.


Henrik Rosenø
(or: Roseno, Rosenoe)

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