World Congress on Psychology And Spirituality, 2008

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The Transformation – about mankind’s situation and possibilities

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Formerly mankind has not dared letting the denied enter the consciousness, and therefore we have not as yet been able to understand ourselves and life fully, and realize our full potential. This opportunity exists now for those who dare let it happen.

The main problem mankind has not been able to grasp and cope with yet is the fact that a human being is not a whole soul but only a fragment of a soul. For a soul to survive mankind’s present situation and achieve the eternal life that is the original intention of Mother-God and Father-God, all its fragments must merge into one whole soul or spiritual being. This is the deeper meaning of Transpersonal Psychology and other subjects.

In this text/presentation I explain how we became fragmented and how to heal it.


Formal education: Master of Science in engineering

Personal spiritual studies:

“Right Use of Will” (,, disciple of Torben Staal ( etc. I have experienced and experimented with many forms of therapy, including Grof Rebirthing and spiritual practices such as yoga, tantra, meditation etc. for about 26 years. 

As part of my inner quest for the highest wisdom, I have spent many years gathering the understandings presented in my text “The Transformation – about mankind’s situation and possibilities” which can be found on my

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This post is available in: English

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