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– examples where several people feel or remember being the same person in a past life

The English writer and clairvoyant regression therapist pioneer Joan Grant (1907-89) was born with a very strong ability to remember past lives, and she published at least 7 books from 1937 onwards, with her memories from previous lives, especially in ancient Egypt, from about 5000 years ago onwards, but these memoirs were published as historical novels. It was not until 20 years later, in 1956, that she revealed it was her memoirs and not fiction. The Danish author Peter Kjærulff, who also has an unusual ability to remember past lives, has apparently known her in at least 5 previous lives, including in ancient Egypt, in the incarnation she describes in her first book, “Winged Pharaoh” from 1937. In Peter Kjærulff’s book “The Ringbearer’s Diary”, the 2nd book, he tells that he visited her in 1980. (In the Danish edition it is on page 435.)
What is particularly interesting in relation to the phenomenon soul fragmentation is that he tells that she, in a telephone conversation prior to his visit, had told him that she receives about 50 letters and calls per year, per character in her books – from people who believe they recognize themselves in her works.
That is a striking example, which indicates that our soul fragments again and again, especially when we die and if death has been traumatic, shocking, or sudden, and that many of the fragments can reincarnate in individual physical human bodies – as I explain it in the chapter Denial and Fragmentation in my text The Transformation – about mankind’s situation and possibilities

Another good example which is also related to ancient Egypt, is found on a discussion forum on reincarnation, called Web Amici, where a woman who calls herself bessieA writes the following:

“I am a member of a group for people who lived through the Amarna period in Egypt. There must be about 50 Akhenatens, 80 Nefertitis, 1000000000000000000 Tutankhatens and twice as many Ankhesenpaatens … “

You should probably take the numbers with a grain of salt… 🙂 and I have not been able to get hold of her to expand on her statement.

A third example, I have found in the book “Modern Magick: eleven lessons in the high magickal art” by Donald Michael Kraig. On page 200-201 he writes that he knows several people who claim to be a reincarnation of Aleister Crowley, and that he has a friend who says there must be at least 33 people making the claim to be Crowley, and that each of them have about 1/33rd of Crowley’s intelligence, talent, skill and wit. That is also a rather striking example!
By the way, it turns out that Donald Michael Kraig is “Shambhalanth” with whom I had a lengthy discussion here: The missing understandings of the traditions of sacred sex – about the higher purpose of Sacred Sexuality in our time. (Dec. 29, 2018: I have put a copy of that from 2009 here on my website, because the original website no longer exists.)

Mary Magdalene:

Margaret Starbird, the author of several books on Mary Magdalene and the sacred feminine, has said:

“I have been contacted by 25-40 women who all feel that they are the modern reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. Each is convinced that SHE is the one and only reincarnation of the Magdalene, the Bride (wife) of Jesus. All of them want me to endorse them and have “proofs” that they are “the one.” But probably only a small fraction bother to contact me, so the number of women who feel they are Mary Magdalene is probably much larger.”

Chris Eccles is a man who channels messages from Mary Magdalene, or as he prefers to put it: He has conversations or communions with Miriam of Magdala. He has been contacted by some 400-450 women who all feel they are a reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. The vast majority of them also believe that they are the only reincarnation of Mary Magdalene, and many of them have also tried to make him endorse them as ‘the right one’. Chris used to have a website and he started a discussion forum (Yahoo Group) called “Miriam of Magdala”. But both ceased to exist after his computer apparently got hacked. Acording to Wynn Manners (mentioned below), Chris received some death threats. It appears that there are some fundamentalist religious nuts who wanted to see the messenger dead for the message that was being presented. I and others have some of his material and some of it can be found on some discussion forums.

On the discussion forum Web Amici, mentioned above, there are 2 women who call themselves Nat and bessieA, who both feel they are Mary Magdalene, and it doesn’t seem to bother them, that they both feel that. In addition to that I have, so far, encountered at least 3-4 women, who publicly claim to be Mary Magdalene. Tonisha Fortune has confirmed to me that she still regards herself as a reincarnation of Mary Magdalene although she doesn’t speak much about it publicly. (You have to login on Facebook to see her page.) Evelyn May Anderson has a website – Institute of Hope and Natural Healing – where she mentions it. There also exists an excerpt from an earlier website of hers here: Who Is Mary Magdalene? — Evelyn May Anderson. Furthermore there is Rev Marilyn Morgan. And there are probably more.
There are also several women who channel messages from Mary Magdalene. Some of them express themselves in a way that could indicate that they might also feel that they are Mary Magdalene.

Then there is the story of Alan John Miller, or AJ Miller. He claims to be a reincarnation of Jesus Christ. And his current partner Mary Suzanne Luck claims to be Mary Magdalene. Or maybe he convinced her that she is. According to Alan John Miller – The Jesus Cult he was originally a senior member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but was pushed out when he left his wife and 2 children for a woman named Karen who was about 10 years younger than him. Back then he promoted Karen as being Mary Magdalene. Sources claim that during his travels, Miller has discovered up to 10 women who, according to him, are reincarnations of Mary Magdalene. For more information, see for instance Metro UK

At a discussion forum called YeshuaMirya, dedicated, among other things, to the relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, Wynn Manners, who manages the forum, says that he has ongoing contact with at least 3 women who perceive themselves as being Mary Magdalene, and he has had contact with several others.

Across the Internet there are several more mailing lists and discussion forums, dedicated to the discussion of Mary Magdalene and things like that, where women have claimed to be her or expressed that they feel they are her.

If we want to try to evaluate whether it is realistic that all the 400-450 women who have contacted Chris Eccles are fragments of Mary Magdalene, then we can start by looking at the overall growth of the world population in the 2000 years that have passed. In 2000, the world population was approx. 6.07 billion people. In the year 0, according to U.S. Census Bureau – International Programs, it was probably between 170 and 400 million. This means that the world population has grown by a factor of approx. 15-35 in the 2000 years. If we take the average of the 9 estimates from U.S. Census Bureau, it was approx. 270 million, and in that case the world population has increased by approx. 22 times in the 2000 years.

If one then uses the world population growth factor of approx. 15-35 times as an average estimate of how much we have fragmented in that period and how many of the fragments are incarnate at the moment, and apply it to Mary Magdalene, then there should be in the range of 15-35 fragments of her incarnate now, so 400-450 fragments is A LOT.

But I can easily imagine that some fragments of her, who had already fragmented out of her before she incarnated as Mary Magdalene, chose to remain discarnate and magnetically attached to her, and they’ve experienced the experiences of Mary Magdalene almost as if they were their own – and in a way they were of course… – just without the experiences of the physical body. But to become more than 400 living women, with the average world population growth factor – or fragmentation factor – of approx. 22 times over the last 2000 years, then there must have been about 15-20 discarnate fragments magnetically attached to her back then, and that may also sound like a lot.

Regardless of how many discarnate fragments that were attached to her aura back then, they probably all – consciously or unconsciously – had hoped to become integrated in her in the transformation – or soul-defragmentation, which unfortunately failed for her and Jesus etc., and which has not yet taken place, but it is mentioned in the Bible, especially in The Revelation to John, as I explain it in my text The Transformation – about mankind’s situation and possibilities, especially in the chapter “The Great Transformation – The Apocalypse”.

Personally I feel that the following reasons are important contributing reasons for a large number of living fragments of Mary Magdalene:

I feel that Mary Magdalene was an incarnation of a part of the parental part of one of the largest and most powerful spiritual beings of the universe – what I (and others) call The Heart of Mother-God among other names. So in popular terms there was perhaps a rather large portion of soul-essence to fragment from.

In addition to that it is probably obvious for most people that the persecution of her and Jesus etc. was a terrible traumatic experience. And the more traumatic or unacceptable something feels, the more you fragment. So that incarnation can have created a quite high degree of fragmentation.

In addition to that I feel that it is about time for fragments of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ to find each other, transform, and heal, so I would not be surprised if a relatively large proportion of their fragments are incarnate at this time.

Finally there is of course the possibility that the messages of Chris Eccles from Mary Magdalene, and the books etc. of Margaret Starbird, describe Mary Magdalene’s essence in such a general and universal way that fragments who fragmented out of her before her incarnation 2000 years ago, and perhaps even women who are not fragments of her soul at all, can identify with her. Followers of Jungian psychology would say that these women are connecting to a Mary Magdalene archetype.

Mankind’s greatest problem

So mankind’s greatest problem is not climate change or that resources such as oil and gas run out one day. The greatest problem of mankind is that our souls are fragmented. Denial and fragmentation are the root causes of the very existence of ageing, diseases, pain and death. A whole soul cannot create ageing, illnesses, and death, simply because it has no interest in doing so. Denial and fragmentation is also the reason we remember so little from our past lives.
The problem is that we cannot continue to fragment, because in the end each fragment becomes too small to have the strength to reincarnate in a human body and heal, as I explain it in my text The Transformation – about mankind’s situation and possibilities

How should we then heal our soul? That is primarily a question of intent – a question of really wanting to understand oneself and life. Apart from that, I explain it as succinctly and accurately as I can in my text The Transformation and in What is Personal and Spiritual Evolution and in other places of my website. But questions are of course welcome.

The main reason I have chosen to focus on Mary Magdalene, or The Heart of Mother-God, in this text (or Mirya or Miriam of Magdala, as she is also called), is because I feel I am a part of or fragment or aspect of her soul mate The Heart of Father-God, who incarnated as Jesus Christ (or Yeshua or Ee’sho, as he is also called). If you feel that you are a part of or an aspect of Mary Magdalene – or God The Mother’s Heart, or of Jesus Christ – or God The Father’s Heart, then feel free to contact me.

If you know any more examples of several people who all feel or remember being the same person in a past life, then don’t hesitate to contact me or write about it in the Facebook Comments Box, where you can also post questions, comments etc. You can find my email address in the fixed header at the top of the screen.

Finally I would like to thank Wynn Manners, Chris Eccles and Margaret Starbird for their contributions.

Henrik Rosenø
(or: Roseno, Rosenoe)

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This post is available in: Dansk English

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