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Both men and women can experience 2 fundamentally different types of orgasm

Recent research (see BBC-news: Female G spot 'can be detected') revives the old idea that only some women are able to achieve a different, stronger, type of orgasm through stimulation of "the G-spot" in the vagina.

I am quite sure that all women (and all men!) can achieve 2 fundamentally different types of orgasm. I will call them ejaculatory orgasm and transformational orgasm. It's a mental question. The point is that there are 2 fundamentally different ways of understanding and using the sexual energy.

The "ordinary" orgasm, that most men and women experience, is the ejaculatory orgasm, which is mainly physical and mostly limited to the area around the sexual organs, and for the man it is accompanied by the ejaculation.

From a larger spiritual perspective, the problem with this kind of orgasm is that the participants lose their sexual energy, and sexual energy is the emotional energy or our life forces.

The transformational orgasms happen when you let the energy, and with that your body, your emotions, and your consciousness express, accelerate, and expand on their own terms, instead of (consciously or unconsciously) keeping them inside the limitations, conditions and jugdemental misunderstandings of your mind.

In this situation the experience spreads to the whole body and your emotions transform into love and your consciousness and understanding of yourself and life begins to expand. This transformation is ultimately a spiritual transformation, and I explain that in details in my text "The Transformation - about mankind's situation and possibilities" here on my website .

A man who wants or understands the necessity for spiritual transformation, can have several transformational orgasms in one sexual intercourse, without one single ejaculation. I have experienced that!

It is obvious to me, that all women must have the same capacity.

The problem both for women and men is that we have lots of unconscious judgemental and locking misunderstandings, inner conflicts between the intellect and the emotions, emotional blockage and trauma, etc., that inhibits us from easily experiencing this quite different form of orgasm. But I don't believe that it is impossible for some people, because you might have no "G-spot" or the like.

If you seriously want to understand what I am talking about, then you need to read my text The Transformation here on my website. But in very few words: It is important to understand that when a man ejaculates, he loses life forces. And when a woman ovulates and menstruates, she loses life forces. This leads to ageing, illnesses, pain, and death...

I feel that sex is somewhat like skiing: Sometimes you fall, especially in the begining or when you are on "new ground"...  :-)  The problem is that the way many people have sex is like skiing with the purpose of falling....!

You are welcome to read more about this subject in a larger perspective here on my website or to contact me on my e-mail address:  Image showing my e-mail address

Love from,

Henrik Rosenø
(or: Roseno, Rosenoe)

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