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A short description of my self:

Danish man, 56 years old, looking for woman. 25 years ago, I learned sexual Tantra, and when I started practising it, it started a very intense inner process that I perceive as a kundalini erection. I DID want to start an all encompassing personal and spiritual process of evolution, realization, release and transformation, and that DID happen to a somewhat overwhelming extent. It is still a continuous process of evolution, though it is much more calm now.

I have studied and experimented with many types of personal and spiritual evolution, realization, release and transformation. From yoga, over many types of meditation, to several types of therapy etc.

In a few words, my website are my conclusions from this very extensive internal process.

I would recommend anyone interested in either sexuality and orgasm or personal and spiritual evolution etc. to, for instance, read my text "The Creator's intentions with the sexual energy etc." - .

A small quote from the text:

"The transformation orgasm requires that you consciously have a completely different approach to the sexual energy. Namely, the attitude of accumulating it and letting it accelerate its vibration frequency, whereby it accelerates the vibration frequency of the body and the emotions, whereby your awareness and understanding of yourself and life, etc. expand. And in the end, you transform and heal your body and soul, which become immortal.

So the transformation orgasms occur when you let the (sexual) energy and thus the body and the emotions and your consciousness express themselves, accelerate their vibration rate and expand on their own terms, instead of (deliberately or unconsciously) retaining them within the limitations, conditions and judgmental misunderstandings of your mind."